The ARCTURIANS – Your Seven Light Bodies – 28th April 2015

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28th APRIL 2015

Channeled by Paul Marwood
Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greetings. We are the Arcturians.

Today we wish to talk to you about a greater connection to the non-physical aspects of your self, for most of you are aware that you have your light bodies. Most of you are aware of auras. Most of you are aware of your intuition, that subtle aspect of simply knowing something or receiving images, thoughts that can pop into your mind as a level of knowingness, or you simply just feel it: a feeling, a feeling of excitement, a feeling of fear or warning. Now as you go about your daily life most of you in your busyness draw your attention to that which is in your physical realm, and information that’s coming forward from your five senses. Then you hear the saying about getting information from your “sixth sense,” where people start talking about the psychic abilities.

All of these are you tuning into a greater aspect of who you are. Remember that there is more to you than just this physical body. Remember that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. That physical being is far greater then this physical body. That spiritual being is far greater than this physical body with which you are enjoying this experience with for a period of time. Today we wish to encourage you to start to feel, connect to, and observe these light bodies of you. Your seven light bodies. Each has an important role. Each is a part of you in a specific way. Each has a role to play that is no more and no less than that role of your physical body. Each of your light bodies operates in a different realm and gathers aspects and information and integrates as part of a greater wholeness of you.

As an example, your emotional body: this body has the ability to interact with and correlate emotions… emotional energy. When you are having a physical experience that creates an emotion this body is the body that generates that emotion. This body is what allows the physiological interaction of the feeling of an emotion, and then that interaction with your physical body can create a physical response.

You have an etheric body, tuning into essentially the etheric realm. This allows an interaction with that which exists in that realm. For example, you are in a room and you feel a presence. You might not see anything. It could be, for example, one of your guides. It could be the Angels. It could even be, as you would determine, a ghost, but nonetheless you sense that something is there. That sensation is information being fed to your conscious mind from your etheric body.

So as you see, on a day-to-day basis, each of these bodies has an important role to play in bringing more information into you, increasing your awareness of what is around you. With this increased awareness there is a greater ability for you to interact with and make wiser decisions. By this we mean, if you walk into a room you have the ability to sense which people are more aligned with yourself, so you can simply go and talk to those people. While at the physical realm you will recognize people, for example, with your eyes, but if, in this hypothetical case, there is a room filled with strangers, you could, using your light bodies and information that you can gather therein, tap in to and know exactly who is the best person to go and talk to first. While in this case this is not a life-and-death situation, however, it allows you in your day-to-day way of living to access a greater level of knowledge of what’s happening around you. As you move forward as part of this conscious evolution on your planet, the connection to more: the more of who you are, the more of your light bodies, the more of the information that’s around you and the more of all that is, including various levels of consciousness of yourself and that which is around you, and the information systems, grids and fields that are around you all become part of your daily life.

Think of today’s message as some early steps in this process. We will talk more on this, but for now our suggestion to you is, if you don’t already do so, start to tune in to what you feel and sense around you as a daily practice and throughout your day. Take a moment to stop. It’s a lack with you antenna out there and just feel. Start to play with this because as you practice this more and get better at it you will start to tune into and feel different sensations. You will also start to understand more and more what these sensations are and what they mean.

We love you all.

We are the Arcturians.”


© 2015 Copyright Paul Marwood
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Author: Paul Marwood 

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