Finding the Light Within

My Favorite Holiday Tradition

One of my favorite holiday traditions, over the years, has been the Advent Spiral or Advent Circle.  It is a beautiful tradition that brings the awareness of the inner light and connection to Source to each one of us during the dark and cold winter months here in the Northern Hemisphere.  This tradition is more broadly used in the communities of those who follow the work of Rudolph Steiner and those involved with Waldorf Education.

The Advent Spiral

The time of Advent is honored with an Advent wreath and candles to be lit every evening at dinnertime, or through the experience of the Advent Spiral.  The Advent Spiral is a beautiful tradition of creating an inwardly turning spiral, made from natural materials, with a candle lit in the center.

Those participating in the Advent Spiral will each have their own unlit candle and will slowly walk the spiral to the center, contemplating their year and their life.  When they get to the center of the spiral they light their own candle from the one in the center, representing finding the light of their lives from within, and then walk out of the spiral, leaving their lit candle anywhere they wish along the way.  As each person leaves the spiral it becomes more enlightened and the experience of the collective energies magnifies into a glowing spiral of light, centered from within.

The Light Within

No matter what the holiday is that you celebrate during the time of the Winter Solstice, I encourage you to see the light within yourself, knowing that this time is one of reflecting and restoring in preparation for magnificent new growth in the spring.  I would love to hear about your traditions and ways you bring Inner Light and awareness into your holiday season.


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