Our Faults as “Pebbles in the Path of Life”

Crescent Beach on Orcas IslandWe are all human with our own imperfections. Do your imperfections cause you some concern from time to time?

How it affects us?

We have all at one time or another spent time being self critical about some aspect of ourselves. This behavior can be a positive part of self-growth to understand ones flaws, but extended focus on these matters is generally self-defeating and counter productive.

Change of Perspective

My wife Holly channels her guide Melchizedek regularly. Melchizedek has the following advice on this matter.

“Know the light that all of you carry is far greater than any negative concerns, or perceived negative concerns that can come in the way. Look at them as little pebbles in your path, in that. If you are walking down a beautiful path through a meadow or through a forest and there’s a pebble in the path, you wouldn’t pay any attention to it. At the very most, you might kick it out of the way in terms of having fun, but not stop and look of the pebble and say “Oh my God there’s a pebble in the path!” and make it a huge boulder when it’s nothing.”

Try this new perspective and see the difference!

“So if there is a negative influence that you perceive coming along the way, just view it as a little pebble in the path, walk over it and walk on. You could also out of a playful fun way, kick it out of the way, but don’t make it bigger than a pebble.” At Akasha Healing Studio, we offer The Reconnection. This connects you to the fullness of who you are, with the potential of greater clarity in your life.

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