Using The Reconnection™ to help you with your New Years Resolutions

As you know, we all make New Year’s Resolutions. We delve into our hearts and see what it is that we would most like to be and say “This is my New Year’s Resolution!”

Good Intent!

It is that beautiful striving dream to become a better person today than you were yesterday. You always make that resolution with good intentions, but sometimes you fall short in achieving it. With love, help and support from your family and friends, you can often go further, or even have complete success in achieving that resolution. Another way you can receive the support you desire to fulfill your resolutions is to experience The Reconnection.

How The Reconnection Can Help You!

The intent of The Reconnection is to bring you into the fullness of your inherent connection with the Universe. The Reconnection only needs to be done once and it positively affects everyone, however, not everyone experiences the same change and transformation in their lives as we are all unique and on different paths. However, in moving to the fullness of who you are, you have a greater potential to be more Authentic, having greater clarity in what makes you happier, what is good for you, and what no longer serves you. Isn’t this a good place to come from when making a new decision or resolution?

What is The Reconnection?

The Reconnection is done via a two-session experience, commonly referred to as receiving your Personal Reconnection. And, of course, to achieve the degree of Reconnection brought forth via The Reconnection, you will, to some extent, experience healing as part of the process. The Reconnection is done in person at our studio in Escondido. Feel free to contact us via email or myself (Paul) 760.803.2338 or my wife (Holly) 760.803.4297 as we would be honored to answer your questions.

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