What is Ascension?

What is Ascension?

Ascension is a natural cycle within creation of rising and falling energies; “higher” and “lower” times in our creation’s history. Historically, in order to ascend, humanity needed to go through a “death/rebirth” cycle. It would mean that the world as it was known would be destroyed, one way or another, to then begin again at a higher level of resonance or consciousness.

Ascension…this time around

At our current time, we are all experiencing the first Ascension experience without the “death/rebirth” cycle so we will have the opportunity to ascend without dying. What does this mean to us? It means that all life on the planet, and the planet itself, will need to go through incremental shifts to accommodate the greater level of light & consciousness.

Evidence of the Ascension Process

We see evidence of this in the increased planetary shifts as well as changes and transitions in many peoples’ lives. We can look at this as a “bad” time (which is certainly how it can feel!) or we can look at it as if they are growing pains; pains that are there for a short time while change is taking place, but then cease once the changes are complete. In other words, we can embrace them as temporary, adopting the attitude that “this too shall pass”, instead of seeing it as a new and  permanent condition of stress.

What Comes after Ascension?

What is on the other side? Greater connection with Source, with All that Is, which allows us to live a life more fully, more in connection with one another, nature, and the planet. This can bring greater ease into all levels of our lives. Sounds good to me!
How do you move through this time of Ascension? Understanding what Ascension is is a key step so you can be in a place of EASE instead of fighting and resisting it. Get rest if you feel tired, spend time in nature, and be in a space of allowing the flow instead of resisting.

At Akasha Healing Studio, we offer services and experiences that can assist you during this time of Ascension, allowing you to ease your way through the process.  Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Akashic Record Readings all have the potential to assist you NOW!


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