Changing Your Experience of Life

Who Cares about Transformation and Evolution?

The world in which I live, the world of healing, transformation, and evolution, is one that so easily gets lofty and esoteric in the way it is explained that most people will just scratch their heads, look away or change the subject! Of course they do! I don’t blame them for losing interest in what transformation or evolution mean in their life. I can just hear what they are saying in their heads: “What in the world do I care about transformation and evolution? What IS it that you do that will help ME?”

It’s All About Your Experiences

The truth is that what most of us are searching for, no matter what language is being used, is to have a better EXPERIENCE of life. Each of us, in our own way, is striving for a better experience whether that means we would like to experience a greater level of physical health; or we would like to experience freedom from an uncomfortable emotional place such as anxiety or depression; or we would like to experience a greater level of financial ease and so much more.

Improving My Own Experiences

All of the work I have done for my family, my friends, myself and now for my clients has always been in the quest of a greater experience of what life has to offer. Over the years I have enhanced the experiences in my life through meditation, homeopathy, herbs, exercise, lots of dietary perspectives, and more recently in the realms of energy healing and the Akashic Records.

Improving Your Experiences

The Akashic Records allow us to better understand our current life, free ourselves from long-standing patterns, which allow us to experience life from a place of freedom we have not manifest before. Reconnective Healing allows us to move to a greater expression of health and personal alignment in the realm of our body, mind and soul. The 111 Activation, the Universal Sphere and The Reconnection are three very distinct sessions that bring us to a greater connection with ourselves and the Universe around us allowing us to move forward in our lives in ways that we had not before.

The Experience of Being Better and Happier

We are all changing and improving our lives to “be better”, “be happier”, “be healthier”, and so much more. Each one of these sessions support us in improving our experience of Life in the ways that are most important to us in the here and now.

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