How Was It For You?…….

or….. How the 111™ Activation Changed My Life

Alignment. Authenticity. “Light Vehicle of Transformation”

What kind of descriptions are those and what do they mean?  These words, and many more, are used to describe what the 111 Activation can potentially do for you. They sound interesting and perhaps even “good”, but what do they really mean to you in your everyday life? But, if the outcome seems vague, lofty, esoteric, or delayed it is hard to choose to have the 111 Activation experience in the here and now.

Giving Life to The Words

To give life to what those words mean, I would like to share with you my personal experience of the 111 Activation, what I have observed changing in my life as a result, and what “alignment” and “authenticity” mean to me now.

Beta-Testing Without a Guide Book

When the 111 Activation was in its “beta testing” stage we tried it out on each other, as well as with close friends around the world. We had no idea what we would experience and how soon we would be able to observe anything different in our lives.  So, in a sense, we were clean slates with no expectations nor a “guide book” to show us what we might experience on any level.

After My Own 111 Activation

Soon after my own 111 Activation I was able to see the areas of my life that needed to be changed.  I was in a very challenging work situation that I knew was unbalancing in my life on many levels, most importantly on the emotional and financial levels.  However, I was the one who had allowed myself to remain in that situation, always hoping the rainbow was just around the corner and things would be better.  After the 111 Activation, I became clear on my boundaries and knew that it was time for me to move on and not wait for the rainbow.  I had waited long enough.

Clarity Showed Me How to Value Myself

Clarity, for me, was seeing myself as an important piece in the equation of my life!  I needed to make myself, my feelings, and my direction the guiding force for peace of mind and happiness.  I could not expect others to value that for me if I did not value it for myself first.

Feeling Aligned with My Authenticity

Connecting with my own sense of importance in my life was a powerful experience and I felt, for the first time, aligned with my authenticity. And, like so many things in life, once you become aware, you cannot turn off the newly awakened awareness. You now look at your life through a different set of lenses and your decisions and directions naturally shift and change.

Alignment with My Personal Path

The net result of this awakening was that I felt a greater level of alignment with my path on both personal and professional levels. I am now able to share myself more authentically through clarity about my role in the world through healing, transformation, Akashic Record Readings, channeling and more.
My life is being lived from a very expansive, open place now.  I am living a life that is defined by my own guidance that was strengthened through my experience of the 111 Activation.

My Own” Light Vehicle of Transformation”

The 111 Activation has been a “Light Vehicle of Transformation” for me and the transformation has been a wonderful, expansive experience bringing me to a place that is far better than anything I have experienced prior to this point in my life!
Do I feel as if I am living from a more aligned place? YES!
Do I feel as if I am living a more authentic life? ABSOLUTELY!
Can I look back and see how the clarity and changes all came about after my experience of the 111 Activation?  DEFINITELY!

Meeting You Where You Are At

The 111 Activation meets you where you are at as an individual.  My experience is unique to me.  Your experience with the 111 Activation will bring to you exactly what is right for your personal alignment and authenticity.

Have you had your own 111 Activation?  We would love to hear what your experiences have been!

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