Is Fido Feisty? Is Mittens Miffed?

                        Using the Universal Sphere for your Beloved Pets

Not Feeling Well?

Our pets are like our children. We love them, nurture them, and happily receive their unconditional love. So, when they are not feeling well, acting out, or we see a shift in their behavior we can become concerned about what is going on with them. Of course, we want to help them in whatever way we can so that they return to their bouncing, licking, purring, and preening happy and content selves.

Universal Sphere™ to the Rescue!

The Universal Sphere can do just that! As an energetic experience it allows our furry, feathered, and scaly friends to return to a state that is referred to as the Perfect Universal Resonance. In more worldly terms, it helps them return to a place of ease, peace and even better health through their experience of the Universal Sphere. And, because the Universal Sphere is done “hands off”, it can be done at a distance, anywhere in the world, or in person with equal effectiveness.

Real Life Stories

I’d love to share a couple of examples:
We were on a long car journey with our cat who is beyond miserable as a traveller. She is upset, pants, mews loudly (which is very unusual for here since he is a very quiet cat!), and even has a very upset stomach the entire journey. There is no amount of time she can spend in the car where she will finally settle down and surrender or sleep. Needless to say, the 6.5 hour car ride, that turned into an 8.5 hour car ride, was not a happy experience for any of us!

Knowing that we needed to help her one way or another if we were ever going to reach our destination, we decided it was time to do a Universal Sphere for her…as well as for us! As she paced and mewed around the car, we did the Universal Sphere. Almost instantly she settled down, climbed onto my lap (the non-driver) and began to relax. She stopped panting and mewing incessantly and was even able to fall asleep for a little bit!

Since that time we have had reports from others who have used the Universal Sphere on their own animals, or their pet clients, with the same level of success. For example, a good friend of ours has a beautiful husky who often will hurt one of his shoulders because he is exuberant in chasing squirrels despite the fact he was born without one leg in the front. After one of his injuries she did the Universal Sphere for him and his injured shoulder was fine by the morning!

The Universal Sphere for EVERYTHING!

As we have been guided: “Try it on EVERYTHING”! The Universal Sphere is here for our pets as well as for us.

For additional information about the Universal Sphere, please go to our website.

Contact Paul on +1760 803 2338 or Holly on +1 760 803 4297 if you have a pet, or other family member, who could benefit from this heart-centered, energetic experience and we would be happy to facilitate a one or more Universal Sphere sessions for them.

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