Testimonial Universal Sphere™ – Opening my Heart-Space is a doorway to Source

As the session got going, I saw a vision of the top part of my head opened up and a spinning wheel of recoding of the DNA…then, an ankh drawn on my forehead! Next, I saw a rod through my whole body with these spinning fins/paddles going round and round and at some point, I felt my sacral chakra kick back into place; I also saw myself as pure energy and a galaxy of blue and turquoise unto itself. Then, at the end, I felt a great pressure in my chest and saw green and a giant green sphere and it was archangel Raphael and he took me on a journey through my own heart space, like crystal caves of bright emerald green and he said that they have been assisting with much work involved in opening the heart space of mankind and that the heart space is a doorway to Source, and that the heart spaces of mankind are all interconnected and all a pathway back to Source…beautiful! This was a wonderfully powerful experience and was wonderful in assisting in the maintenance in my energy bodies and maintenance of my frequency and vibration!

Love and Light,
– V.F. Aug 2012

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