“Of Course!” – Your Pathway to Allowing

(Full credit for the “Of Course” concept goes to Linda Howe, my teacher and mentor in my growth as an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner)

“Of Course!” Don’t you feel great with these two words? If you ask someone a favor and their reply is “Of Course!” you feel good, acknowledged and validated. There is an ease and flow to the energy that is created with the words “Of Course” because it takes away resistance, bringing forth the energy of allowing.

Moving away from Judgment

How often do you use these two simple words for yourself? Does your self-talk ever include the words “Of Course”? Do you allow yourself to be exactly who you are in the moment with love and compassion? Many of us hold ourselves to a very high standard and often get into a place of judgment and criticism about the seeming lack of perfection in our human lives.

What You Resist, Persists

We’ve all heard the saying “What you resist, persists”. If we are resisting what is the truth of our life, then we are in resistance to “the facts” of who we are. If we are in a place of judging ourselves and others based on our perception of what is right or wrong, good or bad, or “shoulds” and “should nots”, then we are placing limitations on our vast potential to be more.

Get Off the Merry-Go-Round!

How do you get off the merry-go-round of self-judgment and criticism? How do you move to a place of allowing? One of the first steps is to allow the “Of Course” in your life. “Of Course I am upset with my partner when he/she publicly humiliates me!” “Of Course I am disappointed my family did not make a big deal over my birthday that was so important to me.” “Of Course I am angry with the person who just cut me off on the road.” Being in the place of the “Of Course” moves you to a place of honoring who, what and where you are at in your life. It also allows others to be exactly who they are without the need to change for you to feel comfortable.

“Of Course” Your Way to Love and Compassion

Being able to say “Of Course” is an act of love and compassion that breaks down resistance the rears up when you judge yourself or others.  We can extend this love and compassion  to our self and others, removing any need or desire for anything to be different than what it is in the moment. What springs up from the place of allowing is openness to other possibilities, to other points of view, and most importantly the possibility to begin to see how the experience might possibly be good for you, or good for the other person.

I have been practicing the “Of Course” in my daily life as well as in my own Akashic Record Readings and have found a peace of mind that has been elusive up until now. I have become gentler with myself (for I am my worst critic!) and see greater levels of acceptance flowing out from me to everyone else. It is the first time in decades that I am finally giving myself the break of a new perspective and it is refreshing!

If you are interested in exploring the areas of concern or resistance in your life allowing yourself to move to the place of the “Of Course” energy, please contact me for an Akashic Record Reading. They can be done over the phone, on Skype or in person at Akasha Healing Studio in Escondido, California.
To learn more about Akashic Record Readings I invite you to our website, Akasha Healing Studio, where you can watch a short video or read more.

I invite you to share your experiences with the “Of Course” practice as you learn to be gentler with yourself and others!

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