Life’s Lessons from the Seat of My Bike

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Have you been mountain biking? I’m sure some of you have and you tear around the hills just like my husband, Paul, does! Some of you might not have been on a bike since you were a kid and cannot imagine riding on the rocks, dirt and ruggedness! Many of you might enjoy your beach cruiser bike that does its best on the asphalt roads and paths meandering down the beach, around the lake, or through the local park!

Mountain Bike Adventures Begin!

About 1½ years ago Paul bought a mountain bike for me. I had done just a tiny bit of timid mountain biking many years before, but had not been on a bike for quite a while. So, I spent time getting comfortable with being on a bike at all, and then on to the trails! My first rides were on the hard packed dirt, but with Paul’s encouragement, I began to go faster, use my gears more, use my brakes less, and learned to navigate the sandy parts, the rocky parts, the gullies (only the very shallowest ones so far!), not to mention the ups and downs of the trails!

Overcoming Fear

Throughout my journey on the trails I have learned a lot: I have overcome a lot of fear, I have learned to persevere and….I have learned the Law of Manifestation in a BIG WAY!

Experiencing the Law of Manifestation

How do you learn about the Law of Manifestation from the seat of your bike bouncing over rocky paths, riding through creeks, and maneuvering around gullies?
You learn that the only way to successfully navigate all the obstacles is to NOT look at the obstacles and to focus ONLY ON WHERE YOU WANT TO GO; FOCUSING ON YOUR GOAL is how you successfully stay upright through the patches of rocks, water and gullies!

Keeping Your Eyes on What You Want to Avoid?

Initially, it was counter-intuitive for me to look past the obstacles. After all, don’t I need to keep my eye on the big pile of rocks in the middle of the trail in order to get through them successfully? How in the world would I make it through the water or past the narrow space between the gully and the edge of the trail if I did not keep my eagle eyes on the treacherous parts? Hanging on to my handlebars for dear life I would fumble, slide, and bump my way through these places on the trail, all the time wondering how Paul seemed to float through all of it. I assumed that it was because he is the adventurous type who has a lot of experience and someday I would get close to his abilities.

Shifting Focus

Then, one day, when I was feeling determined to get through the very bumpy downhill with greater ease, I found myself focusing on the bottom of the hill where the trail smoothed and flattened out. I kept my focus on a nice dirt piece on the other side that had no rocks, no gullies and was wide open! I still had the rocks between that smooth part and me, but I just looked at where I wanted to go, ignoring what was in-between and I got there effortlessly!

Choosing to Look Past Obstacles

At first, I thought it was a fluke because I did not consciously choose to focus on my goal, it just happened. Then I realized that when I focused on the part of the trail past all of the obstacles, with no concern for them at all, I could “unconsciously” zig-zag my way through, over and around all of it! I did not wobble, fall, or need to get off and walk my bike through it!


THEN, I REALIZED THAT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE LAW OF MANIFESTATION IS ALL ABOUT! Keeping your eyes on the goal, where you want to go, and not concern yourself with what is in-between is how you get to where you want to be. What a concept! I GOT IT!

Keeping Your Focus on the Goal Only

No matter what the evidence is in front of you that is bringing up worry, concern, instability or insecurity find that point of focus past the challenges and keep your eyes on it! As you keep your focus on your goal, you will find yourself navigating the rocks, gullies, and water hazards of your life as effortlessly as I have learned to navigate all of them on the bike trails!

Have you had an AH-HA moment about the Law of Manifestation that allowed you to “get it” in a big way; the way that allowed the concept to be locked in forever? Please share that moment so we can all get a deeper understanding of this truth!

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Happy Trails to Each of You!

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