Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 14th Jan 2013

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                     14th January 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.

It is a pleasure to come and speak with each and every one of you again today. For as our messages move through this channel, we know that they are available for more on your planet, to shift and change with.

Today’s message is fairly basic in nature. Your Souls have been reaching out for the higher realms, and there was great expectation around change and transformation that would happen instantaneously. As you’ve heard us say before there is great change afoot, yet it’s in that realm of the unseen. It’s in the energetic world around you. As time moves forward that energetic change will be seen on the physical level, but for now you have to be in this place of trust or release. A place of allowing that “perhaps that is true.”

But for those of you who are really wishing to have wholesale changes in your life, we go back to our core message and that is, “What are YOU doing to change your life?” For all of these changes will never come as an instantaneous “imbued from without” change.

The nature of the free-will zone you live in means that it is the choices you make in your daily life that affect the changes in your life. So, sad as it may be for some of you, there will be no Fairy Godmother coming along and waiving her magic wand. Yet as we have said before the energies on the planet, these unseen forces, are here in greater support of you than they ever have been.

If you have listened to this series of messages, have you actually put into action some of our suggestions? Have you listened to them and been inspired by some of the action steps and thought, “That’s a good idea!” And then the next day you’ve forgotten what was said in the message. Or have you taken to heart those things that feel resonant with you, and really made an action plan around it in your free-will zone, for your experience of that potential.

You can go back and scan through the titles of the channelings, see if you remember the ones that “lit you up”, or the ones that had action steps around them, that you particularly loved hearing about and felt excited about. And without trying to make wholesale changes around everything, for one knows that those typically don’t stick in the long run, just choose one thing. Choose one thing and really be dedicated to it, in whatever way it is. We gave a channeling about rest and water and taking care of your physical vehicle, and if you know you don’t drink enough liquids, or the liquids you drink are ones that don’t support optimal health, what if you just chose that one thing of drinking water, or drinking healthier drinks throughout the day, without deciding that you need to do everything, and if you can’t do everything you do nothing at all, and life goes on.

The changes that you seek are changes that will happen as a result of you being in your free-will zone and making different choices, knowing that you are well supported by it. We’re going to give you a little tip here is that, if you know the areas that you would like to make changes in, and know some really good suggestions for doing that, that seem reasonable in your life, what we ask you to do is make a list of those. Some of you might have 2 or 3, some of you might have 10 or 20, it matters not. But put that list in front of you, literally, on a piece of paper, whether you’ve typed it on your computer or whether you’ve written it by hand, whether you have it as a poster on your wall, whatever you want to do. But instead of deciding that that entire list needs to transform in order for you to feel happy, satisfied and complete, and in-line with ascension, why not just prioritize that list once you’ve made it? So that the thing at the very top could be the easiest thing for you to accomplish, not necessarily the biggest, but the easiest. Have that one thing at the top be drinking eight glasses of water a day. So that the decision to stop smoking or completely change your lifestyle in terms of food, or suddenly become a full-time meditating Yogi, that are bigger lifestyle changes perhaps from where you are now, put the easiest of the top and just allow yourself to do one at a time. One at a time!

Congratulate yourself for what you are doing, without condemning yourself for what you are not doing. You can say “Well, that’s number 5 on my list, I’m going to get to it, of course, I haven’t done it yet. Because I am on number 1 or I’m on number 2.”

Allowing yourself to be in that positive space buoys up the change and transformation. It allows you to work with the energy of change and transformation that is abundantly flowing on the planet at this time. Once you feel you’ve got a handle on the first item, give yourself a gold star for it, a pat on the back and a cheer! Maybe it’ll take a week. Maybe it’ll take two weeks. Maybe it’ll take a month. Remember time is irrelevant in this time of change and transformation. What’s more important is the permanency of the change in consciousness to self-empowerment and self-information.

Each item that you choose to do and choose to be successful in reinforces your self-empowerment. Yes, even if it’s about a glass of water! You are reconnecting to your self-empowerment, and as you do it strengthens it, so as you get further down the list with some of the items that might be a little more involved, might be a little more challenging, might be bringing you to a place where bigger changes need to be made, you have empowered yourself with the easier things in the beginning, so you move into those with confidence. As you move down your list you might be on number 4 and realize in doing number 4, it’s super easy to do number 7 and so you do that together. It magnifies. The changes can happen more easily.

We are here to support you in these changes, support you in finding that place of power and the experience of wholeness that your Soul demonstrates to you in your life on a daily basis.

Smile during the day and congratulate yourself on the things well done, no matter how large or small they are. Forget the things that are seemingly imperfect. Set those aside. Begin each day anew not thinking about what the yesterday was in terms of the, “I didn’t do’s” or the things that were wrong. Begin each day anew as if you have an opportunity to have that be the perfect expression of your Soul in the world and it will be.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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