Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 18th Jan 2013

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                     18th January 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


(For the most benefit of this channeling we recommend you listen to the audio.)
“Greetings dear Ones,
We are the High Council of Orion.

As always it is a pleasure to connect with you beautiful beings of light. And as such we would like to discuss this concept of light today. For at your core that is what you are. And yet because your experience of your physical body is so dense, is so physically real it’s hard to understand that truly what you are is a beautiful being of light that emanates as such.

What we’re going to talk about today is giving you information that will allow you to turn up the dimmer switch if you will, so that your light can shine at its fullest brightness. As it does it assists you in feeling at your optimal level, and it assists those around you to connect with that level of light, allowing them to shine brighter as well.

We begin today by asking you to be wherever you are, sitting or lying down listening to this message, if you’re in your car listen along but practice this when you are not in motion. Practice this when your body can be sitting still, and your attention can be withdrawn within.

Drawing your attention inward, always inward to that central core of who you are, into your heart, and allow yourself those moments to really feel and connect into the place of your heart. As you do, you can feel perhaps warm expansion, maybe movement in that area of your heart or heart chakra area. Just allow yourself to release your conscious mind into the space of your heart, so that you can be in that place of beingness in your heart.

Once you feel established in that space of your heart as your center of experience, as we’ve said in previous channelings. Moving your sensory receptors of sight, hearing, sound, taste, smell and beyond into that place of your heart, so you can be living and experiencing life from that place of you heart.

Some of you might see and experience colors that give you that indication that you are well connected to your heart. As you do so what we ask you to do is just connect with the light of who you are. Ask to be shown your light bodies, from the place of allowing and not efforting, and allow what it means to be shown your light bodies to show up in whatever way it’s appropriate for you in that moment in time. For some of you you might see something behind your closed eyes, for some of you that showing up might be in terms to how you feel, perhaps you’ll hear something different in your ears.

But take a moment and ask to connect with the light being who you are at your core. As you do so, we ask you to scan your light-body and see if the brightness is equal in all areas within your light-body. Does it feel that the light is shining brightly in all areas, or do you see some areas that might look as if the light was turned down there, or maybe even off? Without getting into your academic mind of thinking of “Oh what might that be and does that mean I’m sick, or is there something there?” If you see those darker areas, take that nice relaxed deep breath in for yourself, and as you do see the light expanding and infusing into those darker areas, and keep working with each of those darker areas if you see any. Always emanating the love from your heart, the light of your light-body out to nourish in all directions your physical body and your light-bodies. Take a moment and scan some more. Is the light shining as brightly as it could?

As you find those areas, see the volume of the light being turned up, maybe gather some light from an area that’s quite bright and bring it to that dimmer area, and keep working with it till you feel it holding. Always allowing yourself to breathe those relaxed belly breaths. Observing that your shoulders are dropped and your body is relaxed.

This is an act of love, this is an act of allowing and not efforting, and when you feel the light balanced as you scan around your body, through the light-bodies, and feel that light starting to grow and expand so that your light-body begins to become larger in all directions. You can use your breathing to allow it to expand, by breathing in more light through your inbreath, and as you breathe out see that light expand out. Just feel what that feels like with your consciousness centered in your heart, being connected with your light-bodies, seeing and feeling that light-body that extends up above your physical body, beyond the edges of your physical body on the sides and front and behind you and below you. This experience in the moment allows you to transcend the limitations of the physical body, and allow you to enhance the reality of living beyond the five senses. It allows you to move closer to that experience of oneness. For oneness is lived through the heart and the light-bodies. What we ask you to do is just sit and feel and experience the light of who you are in this moment in time.

We will leave you with this thought and this feeling, and we encourage you to sit and be in this moment for as long as you can, immersing yourself in that expanded feeling, and we will continue on with this experience of working with your light-body in our next message. Breathe in and feel the light, the light of who you are and feel the joy in that expansiveness.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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