Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 22nd Jan 2013

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                     22nd January 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


(For the most benefit of the guided meditation aspect of this channeling we recommend you listen to the audio.)
“Greetings Dear Ones,
We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we will continue and expand (no pun intended), the experience of working with the light-body and the light of who you are. For this is another essential piece to manifestation, to co-creation, to living in your heart. Living in your essence of light and living beyond the physical dimensions while still in the physical body, and of course there are no issues with having a physical body but after many many many lifetimes of living in a physical body, the memory has become quite dim of the light-body, and living from the place of the light-body and many of you know of the light-body.

Here we’re going to be working with it to enhance, not escape the physical reality. For always holding at the highest level the choice of your Soul to have this physical incarnation in this time, and in this place on the planet in which you find yourself. We ask that you hold no resistance about your physical incarnation and honor the Souls choice. And one way to honor the Souls choice and become more at peace with the reality of the human existence you have, is to connect to your light-body and allow yourself to begin to work with your light-body experiences.

Let’s begin today with a shortened version of connecting with the light-body.
Take a moment to become present for yourself, present in your heart allowing your physical body to be in a place of comfort and ease, dropping your shoulders, breathing easily down into your belly, and when you feel yourself centered into your heart. Ask to be shown or experience the truth the reality the glow of your light-body, and feel that expansion beyond the experience of your physical. Each of you will experience it in your unique way, perhaps it becomes a tangible sense of expansion, perhaps there’s warmth, or perhaps you see a change in the lights behind your closed eyes. Just honor how that shows up for you in this moment in time.

As we did in our last conversation, as you connect with your light-body scan and look for places where the light might not be as strong, and without making judgments about what it is and what it might be and what it might mean, for it does not matter. Allow the light to grow through your attention, through your movement of light elsewhere you can think about turning up the light in that area. Whatever works to see the light equally bright in all ways, and in all directions within your light-body, and trust and allow in your imagination, for that is a source of creation for you. And as you balance out the brightness in your light-body, center yourself in your heart and in your breathing, and then ask and allow for your light-body to grow and expand.

For now just expand further out in all directions, knowing that this is at your core the light of your Soul which is the light of source, which is a light of abundance, a light of health, a light of non-duality which means you are safe within your light as you expand it. Just sit and see and feel what this experience is like for a moment. Allowing your breathing to continue on in a relaxed way. Allow your physical body to be comfortable, and allowing your mind in its infinite busyness to sit in its quietude within the center of your heart. As you sit in this place of your inner balance point connected with your light-body, imagine it being your own personal counselor, your own personnel solutions bank, for your light-body as an extension of your Soul can work with you and for you in your human existence.

So from this place of connection to your light-body, think of one thing that can be a simple thing, not the biggest most difficult issue in your life at this moment in time, but think of one simple thing that could be infused with more light. And by that we mean it could be an area of a little bit of energetic constriction or struggle, or something that you’d like a little more insight about our understanding, or you haven’t been able to solve the problem. Wherever it might be, something in your life that needs illumination. What in your life would you like to give some additional support from that Soul level consciousness to be eliminated, so that the solution energy and clarity and understanding can be brought to it?

Allowing yourself to stay centered in your heart from this place of connection to the light of who you are, in this field of your infinite possibilities, ask to be shown or inspired or guided to find the solution energy with the illumination to that one issue. If you feel yourself moving into emotional reactivity or response, breathe and bring yourself back to your heart so that you remain in an open receptive place. Allow that solution energy to move forward, to illuminate, to guide, to shed light understanding, sometimes the solution energy might be a way you can reach out to someone else or something else for more information, perhaps your solution energy is shifting your point of view.

Allow yourself in your field of infinite possibilities to not decide what that solution energy needs to be, but allow that easiest solution to come forward as you are connected to the light of who you are. Perhaps the solution will come in the form of a few words you hear in your head, perhaps you’ll see something different, or perhaps you’ll have knowingness about a next step. In the field of infinite possibilities, solution energy can come in many many forms. For some of your human experiences that you would like to bring to your light-body, solution energy might take more than one time. Sometimes the information or the solution will flow forward in one session so to speak.

We ask that you be patient, we ask that you work with this in the same the way you would work with this in learning any new skill, with loving guidance, loving patience for yourself, and living in connection in these moments with your light-body allows you to tap into the universal consciousness, where that state of oneness exists. As you spend time in this place of being centered in your heart and working with your life body, your experience of it will grow. The knowledge and information that you can access will grow and expand. Does it happen in an instant? No

We ask that you be patient and have fun working with this, have fun working in collaboration with your Soul through your light-body experience. We also encourage you to spend time in your light-body experience without necessarily needing to bring a problem to it. You can move into your heart centered light-body experience, just to feel, just to allow yourself that time to reconnect with the essence of who you are and feel that expanded place. For it is very healing and rejuvenating. It is like a cosmic spa experience for you to rest in your light-body experience.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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