Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 25th Jan 2013

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                     25th January 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings we are the High Council of Orion.
Today were going to discuss manifestation and attachment and solution energy.

Lets begin and take a moment to get into that space of the light-body again, by allowing yourself to first become fully present to yourself, to who you are in this moment, and the time and space where you are. Dropping into the space of your heart, and feeling that beautiful familiarity where you know you can relax. Where you feel the bands of constriction releasing, where you can feel your breathing ease.

As you feel centered into your heart, move your consciousness to that place of your light-body, and feel and experience the warmth and the glow, the colors, the sensations, whatever they might be for you of your light-body. Breathe into that light-body and again scan your light-body to balance the experience of light throughout.

As we’ve said before no judgment on areas that don’t seem as bright, just allow that light to flow from the brighter areas to the dimmer areas, so that it’s all balanced out. As you feel connected to that expanded balanced light-body breathe in gently, and in a relaxed allowing way see it expand out, and for some of you you may be seeing it expand out a foot or so around your body, for some of you you may expand it out to fill the space in the room in which your body is resting. Regardless of what expanded means for you just feel the limitless expansion, whether you’re out a foot or ten feet.

From this place we speak about manifestation and attachment, we speak to you about this today from within this experience of the light-body. For we are going to begin by asking you to bring into your heart space something that you would like to manifest, something that you feel has been elusive to you, yet something that you feel is reasonable, achievable, there’s a piece of you that feels it is completely reasonable for this to be a manifestation in your world.

As many of you know through the many channels who bring in information about abundance, manifestation and intention. The space to hold about what you wish to manifest in this field of infinite possibilities is one of infinite possibilities.

If one says they desire a perfect relationship, and in this space of the field of infinite possibilities, you imagine from your point of view what that would mean. Perhaps it means companionship partnership, perhaps it means physical connection, and perhaps it means wild unbridled love. Each of you has a definition in your mind that’s unique to you about what a perfect manifestation of a relationship and partner is.

We want you to just see and feel that for a moment, of what that would feel like for you to have that manifestation of the perfect partner. Some of you may feel I already have it, and if you already have it, feel what it feels like to have that and allow it to grow and become more.

  • How does your body feel?
  • How does your mind feel?
  • How does your heart and emotions feel as you connect with that perfect manifestation?

Now what we ask is for those of you who are wishing to manifest this, and have not yet. Have you attached a particular person to that manifestation? Have you decided that one particular person is the one that needs to be in that field of manifestation with you?

Our example here is to show that within this field of infinite possibilities, and within the beautiful space of manifestation, we ask you to observe and check what limitations you’ve put on your manifestation through attachment. For attachment is a limitation and a constriction for what is your ideal manifestation. We are using this example of relationship, for it is a common theme in many peoples lives and ones that many can relate to.

In your world partnering with another loved one is what one might say is a biological imperative, that’s not to say that everyone needs to have that, but it is a strong driving force within the human species, to find that loving connection. So in this field of infinite possibilities within this connection to your light-body, this place where you have a potential to see the unlimited possibilities, of the manifestation of your hearts desires.

We ask you become aware of any attachments that you might have that can limit your manifestation. And if you observe limitations, we ask that you lovingly observe them, and then allow that observation of the limitation to dissolve into this field of light. So that the attachment to any particular way the manifestation happens can be released. This would be true not just of relationships, but about prosperity and abundance. Perhaps it’s about the perfect job, purchasing a home or inner peace and enlightenment. Regardless of what it is, if there is an attachment to the way the manifestation occurs, it creates a limitation and a constriction that you would like to dissolve into this field of infinite possibilities of your light-body.

And what happens with that, it’s not a loss, what you’re doing is allowing more possibility for solution energy to support your manifestation. Can you feel that? Can you feel if you want to manifest greater levels of prosperity, and in your visioning of your manifestation you limit it to the particular job you have, or your decision about the way the prosperity flows into you. You have consciously or unconsciously put a constriction around it, put an attachment to it.

Be in a place of observation, in envisioning manifestation of any source of attachment, and allow it to fall away and dissolve into the light. Knowing that if that outcome is intended to be, it will, whether it’s dissolved into light or not. But as you allow it to dissolve into the light, you allow your Creator energy more tools to work with, more options. For as you have that attachment energy, then your Creator energy becomes limited.

It’s as if you want to build a beautiful mansion, and your attachment energy says I’m going to build a beautiful mansion, but I need to get it with only a wrench. It would make it hard to build that manifestation with just a wrench wouldn’t it? But what if you allowed, that limitation of attachment to building that beautiful manifestation of a mansion with a wrench, and allow that to dissolve into that field of infinite possibilities, to allow greater levels of people and materials and tools and inspiration and creativity to move in. What would happen?

That manifestation could happen with greater ease, and that manifestation could happen in a fuller expression, because it hasn’t been limited by any attachment. Might a wrench be used at some point in the building of this beautiful manifestation of a mansion? Probably. But because you’ve allow that wrench to dissolve into the field of infinite possibilities, it can be one part of many contributing to that manifestation. Can you feel that difference? It allows for more!

From this beautiful space of your light-body connection, dream the dream of your manifestations, and observe and release the attachments to the process along the way. By focusing only on the end goal without attachment to the who what when where how and why it happens, and feel the creativity, and feel the expansiveness within the energy, as you release attachments lovingly into the field of your Creator energy which is limitless, and has abundant resources, to serve you at that level.

Play with us, have fun and enjoy, make a game out of it and experience manifestation through connection with your oneness.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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