High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 19th Mar 2013

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                       19th March 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we’d like to talk to you about all the support you have and all the ways in which you have the tools already at your disposal to support you in living more fully and living more the life the want to live. For many of you who are listening to this message know and understand that you have studied a lot. You’ve learned a lot. You’ve educated yourself through reading, through going to classes, listening to seminars, talking to other people, and so many ways in which you have brought more information into your life. Yet, as so many do, you forget what you’ve learned. You forget that you have so much at your disposal already to support to you in your moments that might be more challenging.

What we’d like to do today is encourage you to think back on all the things you know, even the things you may have learned some time ago that maybe you feel that you’ve moved on from, and reflect on how they could be supporting you in this time. Each and every one of those experiences that you have put yourself into a learning situation or an experiential situation about, are available for you now. They were all called in by your Soul. Perhaps you think life was different 10 or 15 years ago so, therefore, you’ve outgrown it. Yes, life is different! Yet many of those things can still be used to support you in this time to find greater peace, understanding, clarity, even joy and happiness.

So what are the things that you have learned and experienced throughout the long time of your life (whether it’s in the 20’s, or whether it’s in 60’s or more numbers of year it matters not). Have you learned self-hypnosis? Have you learned EFT? Have you learned NLP? Have you learned Reiki? Have you learned Jin Shin Jyutsu? Have you learned martial arts? Have you learned meditation? Have you done yoga? Have you done shamanic journeying? Have you read lots of books about connecting to masters, to angels, to the evolution of the planet with different ideas about how things are to be? Along the way what specific techniques have you learned that over the years have brought you peace, have brought you insight, understanding? Have you practiced Ho’oponopono? Have you been given a personal mantra? Have you done cleansing and experiences in the wild where you were it left to find your own resources? They all matter! They bring you to the Now!

We suggest you make a list: a list of those things that you could draw on now. Let’s take EFT, for an example. Did you learn it 10 years ago and you’ve moved away from it? Could you reignite your life with that again, now, to support yourself to move and transform, shift patterns, come to greater understandings? Did you have a mantra that you used religiously for years on end and then just slowly you’ve moved away from? Or are there mantras that you are particularly attracted to that you could study now and understand the meaning of to help shift your resonant frequency? If you exercise or practice yoga or do martial arts do those help you come back into physical and mental and emotional balance? Have you learned one of the myriad of energy healing techniques that are on the planet that you can assist yourself with right now, as well as assisting others?

What we ask you to do is take a big dive into that resource that is YOU, and all the things you’ve learned. Each of you has a large basket. Each of you has so much that you can fall back on. In a sense, bring closer to you in an active way. So make a list; make a list of all the things you’ve learned over the years. You don’t have to like them now, just make a list! Be impressed! As you look at the list maybe you’ll find some that you know you could resurrect to assist you at this point in your life. Maybe you used to practice Ho’oponopono a lot and you’ve forgotten. That’s okay to forget, but now resurrect it!

Be able to experience that peace and joy and inner quietude that can come from that practice. You can use those things that you’ve learned in the past as springboards to perhaps see what’s changed in that field. Or maybe something related has come a long since. But what we encourage you to do is see this beautiful basket of resources that you already have available to you. What it allows you to do is not feel alone and unsupported. It allows you, in between the times that you reach out for help and support from others, it allows you to assist yourself. It allows you to find those comfortable places of balance, of peace, and inner harmony, connection to your heart, feeling your connection with the planet, and the universe. Perhaps connecting with that important group of people who you perhaps meet with regularly or perhaps they’re in no worldwide group that you connect with on a spiritual level.

So while there are many ways to reach out we also ask that you see all the resources that you have that you just need to reach within to find. In looking at that list you might find yourself happily reacquainted with some old friends in terms of those experiences that had helped you in the past. You can bring those forward to assist you now for you learned them in the past to help you at that time and also as time moves forward. So why not dust off some of those things and allow them to uplift and support you now, just as the wind and the currents in the air uplift and support the bird as it soars through the sky!

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion”

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