High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 4th Jun 2013

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                       4th June 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

It is with great pleasure that we connect with each one of you yet again.
Our topic today is one of review. There have been many messages that have been shared from the High Council of Orion out into the world, and many of you have been reading and connecting, listening to them from the very beginning, and many of you have connected with them at some point midstream.

There is so much information in each one of these channelings that we ask you to go back and review some of them. Listen to them again, feel how they feel in your body and your mind, in your energetic resonance, and how do they feel to you. There may have been some of the messages that a month or two months, or six months ago may not have felt that resonant, yet may really touch you at this point in time.

There may be some that felt meaningful at the moment, and when you go back and listen to or read them over again, you find other nuggets that you hadn’t discovered before.

The other aspect to each of these channelings is that as you read them, as you listen to them, however you connect with them, you are energetically connecting into the high Council of Orion again and into that residence of forward movement to the new world. Forward movement to a time where your soul’s voice is the strongest voice, the strongest place of information in your world, and diving back in again and again to that resonance is how you make your way closer to the future that you are wishing to embody.

How would you go back and review?
You can go back to the page on the website where they are posted and go back to the very beginning and start listening from the beginning again, you can peruse the titles and see which ones strike your cord, strike a feeling of excitement or interest or curiosity, and then dive into that.

For understand even if you’ve read it or heard it before all of this information bears repetition, and you will benefit from listening to or reading it again and again. We would also like to suggest that if you read each one before, that you listen to the channelings in a different pass. If you read one before find the same one that you read and was meaningful to you, but listen to it this time, for each one is presented in the written and audio form.

As this channel Holly and her husband Paul have found, that the words do not always translate very well from the spoken into the written, so the richest form of connecting to this information is through the audio message. For you understand the nuances and even the sidetracks of the conversation much more easily than you can if you are reading.

But the point of all of this is to go back and reconnect over and over again with the many messages that have come forward, and find the resonance in them, find the spark that perhaps wasn’t lit up in the first pass, but now will be, for you are a new person, you have been shifted and changed as you have moved forward.

You are not the same individual you were six months ago, three months ago, a week ago, or even five hours ago. Your inherent nature is one of dynamic continuous ever evolving change, so as you reconnect with the information each and every time, you are reconnecting with it as they knew being, as a more enlightened being, so your perspective is different and allows you to access different information contained within each channeled message.

Dive into the wealth of information, knowledge, experience and resonance that is there already, knowing always that there is more to come.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2013 Copyright Holly Hawkins Family Trust
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