High Council of Orion —- Channeled Message —- 21st Jun 2013

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                       21st June 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we would like to talk to you about honesty, and many of you know about honesty as it applies to how you are in the world with others, in terms of telling the truth, and yet what we’d like to talk about today is Soul Level Honesty, and that includes your willingness to really dive into who you are and how you are in your world, and be able to see how in alignment you are with your personal truth to find your Soul level honesty, as you live in that space of Soul-level-truth and honesty that comes from Soul-Level alignment.

Your life begins to move forward differently, there is an ease and a trust and an understanding that you have your own back, that you are not looking for the trust and the honesty and the authenticity from the world around you in terms of, the people, the organizations, the religious structures, the family models, the governmental models.

For as you resonate with your own personal Soul-level-truth, your inherent essence is that of truth and authenticity, and therefore when you are aligned with your personal level truth, you automatically moving in directions that are authentic, that are honest and true and support you in your vibratory rate.

As you align with your personal truth, people, situations experiences shift to vibrate in alignment with what your personal level truth this, so as you begin to live with in your Soul-level-truth, there is less concern for the honesty and integrity of the people around you, than there is for your own personal level of honesty and integrity.

When you realize that vibratory truism of like attracts like, instead of deciding that the outward experiences are the ones that need to change. As you see the outward experiences being uncomfortable, you dive into yourself and find out where that truth of Soul-level-alignment is for you. Allowing external information from these outside sources to fall away, and as you resonate more deeply with yourself, then those outer experiences that don’t feel good or not resonant or ones that you want to move away from, they just fall away because there is no vibrational match there anymore.

We encourage each and every one of you to start diving into your Soul-level-truth, and how you do that? You can begin by looking at the areas in which you feel uncomfortable, perhaps choose one particular relationship in your life as an example, where you’re not comfortable.

It could be that there is dislike or animosity or residual feelings from experiences in the past, and instead of looking at them, look at yourself and look at yourself completely honestly, about your behavior and not from a critical point of view, but really evaluate where is your personal truth in that situation.

And as you begin to take responsibility for your personal level truth, you are lining up with your Soul to a greater and greater degree, and so as you do that you then vibrate, if you will, at a different level, and you might see those relationships shifting around you.

We encourage you to do this deep exploration in a very loving non-judgmental way, so you can allow yourself to shift and change with this new paradigm, in whatever way at whatever speed is appropriate for you.

Some of these situations might be easy to dig into, find your Soul-level-truth and then that relationship has an opportunity to shift and change. We encourage each of you to not look at it to effect a change, but just look at the truth to be revealed, and as the truth is revealed, the most appropriate outcome occurs.

When we talk about relationships it could be that that relationship shifts to a place that’s comfortable, maybe resolution is had and a relationship can get on better ground, perhaps resolution happens and that relationship is over, because it’s intended to be over.

And when it comes from that place of Soul-level-truth and alignment there’s a greater level of peace and trust in who you are, and as you explore this you begin to resonate with your own level of authenticity, which allows your experience of life to shift.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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