High Council of Orion —- Channeled Message —- 28th June 2013

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                       28th June 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                        INTERNAL MOTIVATION

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we want to talk about this idea of motivation and internal motivation versus external motivation. And motivation not in terms of your feeling of desire or energy about doing something, but it’s about what sparks your ability to move, if you will. Move, change, understand, act, in psychological realms they might say intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. But there are many out there who are spiritually striving, who are actively working on changing their life and transforming, understanding ascension, assisting their body through exercise yoga diet etc.

People out there are reading good books, studying the books written by leaders, and what we’re going to encourage you today is to understand that, all that external information is great in one regard, because it can open up your mind and your experience to new things. You could read an inspiring book and be opened up to new ideas that allow new information and therefore energies into your life, that allow you to see and think and act and manifest differently in your life.

So all of that’s good, and receiving information about nutritional information that you have never had before, or business model information that you have never had before, and bringing that into your world to expand your awareness is perfect. But the motivation behind integrating this information is not about deciding someone or something, or some system out there has the ultimate answer for you. The ultimate answer for you will always come from your inner motivation.

If you start looking at the information that comes in, the things that you say yes to, “I feel resonant with that, I want to read, study and incorporate that into my life”. You will still always be marking it, if you will, against the barometer of who you really are, and even the things that you say, “No I don’t want that in my realm”, you’re always marking it against the barometer of who you are which is perfect.

But at the same time then, you want to allow information and understanding to come into you but always incorporating it, and always keeping sight of your soul level truth, so that you are not turning yourself over to somebody else’s ideas, thoughts, and manifestations, for ultimately you are the driver, you are the motivator of your life, from your soul level truth.

If a new idea comes along, if a new way of thinking comes along, if the new desire in your life comes along, and you feel drawn in a positive way to incorporate that into your life, always be checking in with yourself to feel your personal level of alignment.

If for some reason something feels off or constricting or problematic or upsetting, or fear inducing, or unsettling whatever it might be. One can easily say well it’s because I’m not as aligned as I should be with that external truth. What if it is your internal truth giving you information that’s going to allow you to see, where that fully embracing that system or that idea, may not be completely right for you.

If you look at any feeling of constriction or restriction as information that’s coming in, for you to evaluate the external truth versus your internal truth, then you’ll feel that flow better, you’ll come to understand the confusion or the frustration or the restriction, and be able to adjust or fine-tune that experience specifically for you.

For there is no system out there of anything in terms of body mind spirit, that you as your unique individual soul will want to bring in wholeheartedly. There is always going to be aspects that are perfect for you, and aspects of that program or system that isn’t.

There is no silver bullet magic potion out there, that’s going to be exactly resonant for you, because you are so unique that you get to in a sense make your own potion. You get to pull together the information and the experiences that are resonant with you, and you know that it’s resonant with you as you feel ease, as you feel joy, as you feel excitement, as you feel happiness, as you feel the rightness of something as you move forward.

It’s an exciting time to allow yourself to have the permission to follow your inner guidance as your motivating factor in life, and being able to take in the best of what’s out there as you feel resonant with it, without needing to take it all in because it’s all presented in the same package together.

Your inner motivation is your greatest source of self empowerment, and play with it in smaller experiences in your life, where maybe you feel uncomfortable and you take that moment to check in with yourself. “Hmmm I’m noticing I’m feeling a little uncomfortable,” take that moment in to self evaluate, and see what it is, what’s making me uncomfortable. Because I’m out of alignment with my truth, with my inner motivation, because I’m feeling this little bit of discomfort and check in with it, and then you start finding your inner truth, your inner alignment, and then you have this opportunity to make those refining changes, that get you back into feeling in the flow and in ease again.

It’s a beautiful place of living your life through your inner truth by responding to your inner motivation.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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