High Council of Orion —- Channeled Message —- 18th July 2013

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                       18th July 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                   WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today the title of our message is “What are you waiting for?”
Observe your life and observe how you interact with the world around you and we ask you, what it is that you’re waiting for?

If you start being mindful of the way you think about your life, and even start making a list, if you will. You’ll find that many of your thoughts are about what’s just around the corner, “How perfect things will be when,” and what you realize is that your mind is constantly moving out into the future, and you are waiting for something else to be better, waiting for something to be different and at that point life can begin, life can be enjoyed, life will be easy, life will be understood, you’ll feel peace, you’ll feel happiness, you will feel less stress whatever it might be.

And one could say that you’re looking into the future and not living in the present, which is true yet at the same time what we want to help you realize is that all of it creates an energy of waiting, of waiting, off waiting, and as you wait you are not present to the fullest experience of the moment that already is around you.

For your attention is not in the present moment, and all this seems very obvious that we are bringing this back in terms of this idea of waiting, “what are you waiting for your?” Your life is in that moment you are existing in, and truly it is nowhere else. It does not exist in the past, it does not exist in the future, it truly does exist in the now.

For in the realm of the quantum energies where we live, where your consciousness is moving towards, time does not exist, and so as many prophet’s have told you for a long time to live in the moment and be present to the moment.

The truth is that is all you have, so it’s almost a distortion or a delusion to think that what’s out there is going to be better than what it is in the moment. Instead of waiting for something else to change, for in the world of free will that you live, if you hope it changes out there, you are always waiting for some eventuality that may or may not come.

What if you take what you have in the moment and seize what is there. What if things aren’t feeling that good or comfortable, look for the tiniest thing, anything you can do to make you feel better, and another thing to look at also is:
            “What if what you have isn’t going to change.”
            “What if when you get to that point out there that you’re waiting for, what if the circumstances are
              exactly the same?”
And then you’ve been sitting waiting on the bench for a long time for a bus that never even shows up.

What have you done except waste a lot of time sitting on a bench, when you could for example be out smelling the flowers and enjoying a walk, or even interacting with the world you were in at that moment. The idea here is we ask you to find ways to fully interact, fully engage, fully be present to where you are now, and as you are fully present to where you are now, then the energy of the dissatisfaction of waiting for something else to be different before you can find happiness, that dissipates, it doesn’t even exist, it vanishes as you pay attention to the world you’re living in.

As you pay attention to the world you’re living and you connect through the truth of your Soul, and be guided by the things that uplift you and inspire you, then you live into those moments that create that future that you haven’t waited for, but you’ve “lived into.”

As you do that you haven’t waited on the bench for a bus that may or may not show up, you’ve lived into your future, and then that future piece becomes your now without the energy of waiting, which dissolves the energy of dissatisfaction, it dissolves the energy of “it’s always greener in somebody else’s yard.”

Understanding that your Soul has brought you to exactly where you are, so instead of looking forward and being in that place of waiting for something to be different, see what’s right about where you’re at now, find a way to heal the pieces that aren’t feeling comfortable and right to you now. Seize the places that feel good and enjoyable and bring you joy and happiness and ease, and be in this moment in the here and now.

Again as we said before, you live into that future, and as you live into that future you do so with joy and anticipation, because as you’ve lived into the joy of each moment, you know that you can anticipate joy in the future.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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