High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 11th Sep 2013

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                       11th September 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                             OF YOUR LIFE

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Our message today is about the most important thing you can do every day.

From our place of observation of your planet, we see that as energies are shifting and changing, more and more of humanity is trying to manage the unconscious and unknown, un-understood energies that show up just as feeling unsettled or uncertain, and so what better thing to do when you are feeling unsettled and uncertain, but hang on to the things that help you feel stable, help you feel like you’re hanging on to what’s known, as what’s known is shifting and changing.

Yet if that thing you’re clinging to, which is the illusion of your work, your family your time, “the knowns” in your life. What if those are shifting and changing in a way that it would be the same as trying to hang on to a building as it crumbles in an earthquake, it’s not going to be a very good solid foundation for you to hang onto and count on in the moment.

What we are going to suggest to you today, that the very most important thing you do each and every day is spend that time connecting with the unseen realm, connecting with the energetic realm, which is where the point of origin of all the shifts and changes are occurring.

How do you do that?
Some might call it meditation, some might call it going into the sacred space of your heart, it might be going out in nature to the beach or to a park, or to your backyard and spending the time with your feet on the planet and just feel your connection to the earth and the universe.

We would encourage each and every one of you right now to make that the higher priority each and every day than anything else you could do. If you are talking about it in terms of investments of your money, in this case it would be an investment of your energy, you would get the strongest biggest most elaborate return on your investment, by investing in your energetic relationship with your life, your human side may choose to decide to work harder at work, take everything more seriously around you, feel that you need to go back to the givens of living your life as a human, if you will, and work that aspect of it harder and we say that that is a diminishing return.

So what can you do each and every day to allow yourself to connect with the energetic realms? Go into that sacred space of your heart, feel that energetic connection down into the beautiful planet, out into the universe, feel it in livening your heart energies, then the energetic space around you, your energetic body.

Allowing you to enlarge your energetic body so that you are responding to the energies more, for this is where you’re going in the future and this will also allow you in the long run to feel more comfortable. For as you enliven your energetic world by spending time with it every day, you know and see and respond to your world in a way that will allow the humanity within the human experience of it, to go more easily.

This exercise allows you to drop more into that heart and energetic space and less into the mind ego space, trying to manage things, but allow you to flow into this new life, that you feel. Yet you don’t have the resources yet, the education yet, the experience yet to know how to deal with it. We encourage each and every one of you, as you think about all the important things you need to do in the day.

Make your energetic connection time, the highest priority, higher than feeding your body, higher than sleeping, higher than getting to work on time, higher than anything else you might do for yourself. And were not saying neglect the other things of course, but were saying make it that important, so it’s not just being fit in when you have a moment, or when it feels like you have some extra time.

Perhaps make it as important as your morning cup of coffee. Again the dividends, the returns on this investment of your time and your energy, will come back a thousand fold.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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