High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 28th Sep 2013

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                       28th September 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today’s message is about energetic constriction of the result of your fear and worry and concern.

While many of you know this and are consciously aware of this, we would like to reinforce the idea of the energies of your emotions, and what the energies of emotions can do in a way that allows you to achieve what you want, or actually block you from the thing that you wish you had happening or manifesting your life.

Let’s just talk about construction for a moment, as you are in this place of worry or fear or concern or stress, or even strong preference for a particular outcome, and we stress that. What you’re doing is constricting your energy field to bring it into a firmer level of density, which does not allow it to flow as much.

If you see the energetics of this it’s as if it starts hardening instead of flowing, so many of you are working on this idea of visualizing and projecting, and imagining your way into your future, which is beautiful and great, yet there’s a fine line there with how constricting your making that vision. For what’s really important is to allow the energies to flow in such a way, (as you learn to work with the energetics), so that the flow is maintained.

If you view success as showing up in one particular way, in one particular box that I will know I’m successful when, and you have a list of what it will look like because, people say to make a list and visualize and imagine and feel your way into that reality. Which is good, yet if you constrict it too much, it’s not allowing the flow of energies, it’s putting in a sense the energies within a metal box, and the metal box can’t allow the flow to happen.

What if as you visualize and imagine and feel your way into your future, you also allowed yourself the possibility of the surprise, the possibility of the manifestation in a way that you don’t expect, the possibility even that you can be successful or peaceful or happy or, in that great relationship, whatever it is you’re working on manifesting. Even if it isn’t exactly the way you envision it.

So while you’re clear about what you would like, there’s also this openness to the energy of allowing a surprise, allowing the energies to flow in an unexpected way, and as you do that just feel the difference of your energetic field, feel the difference of how it feels to live in a state of clarity of what you are wishing and desiring, but also expectation or excitement or exhilaration over something that is unexpected, coming into your field that is equal to or better.

Were saying this from an energetic point of view, were moving into this time where your energies have a greater potential to become constricted, and as you do that you want to continually bring your awareness to, your idea of the way your life needs to look in order for you to be happy, or feel peaceful, and what if there are new ways just around the corner, that you can feel happy and peaceful and satisfied, and keeping that open heart, that open energetic allowing the free flow of all the energies around you, allows you to be more centered more responsive, and even more trusting of the energy of what is around you.

We encourage you to play with this idea of observing your energies, and observing your clarity about your motivations, clarity about your visions clarity about your desires, yet also at the same time not holding onto it too tightly, but allowing the vision to the cradled in your hands like you’d hold a baby bird, and not choke hold on it, because a chokehold chokes, a chokehold doesn’t allow movement, but a tiny baby bird cradled in your hands can move and can thrive and survive, and can even fly if it’s able to do so.

It creates this openness of energies, that you can cradle your energies gently yet consciously in your life that way, it’s a it’s a subtle shift in change but from an energetic point of view, it allows a greater ease in responding to the energies of your life.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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