High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 7th Nov 2013

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7th November 2013

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                          RELEASE THE OLD YOU

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

We ask you today to step firmly gracefully, clearly, into who you want to be and not who you have been. Every human being on the planet has a history, and yet as many of you are experiencing, history becomes such a relative term when your experience of time seems to be going by so quickly, and many of you can chuckle to yourself about how many lifetimes you feel like you might have lived, in the span of one incarnation.

We ask you to boldly stop redefining who you are by who you have been, for you are not who you were when you were five years old, or 15 years old, or at whatever age you wish to put in there, the truth is, you are none of those things anymore, and you are not those stories anymore either. Anymore than you are currently embodying the stories of who you were in other lifetimes.

If you walked around and told the story of your life in this incarnation, and used references to problems and victimization and things like that from other lifetimes, it would be ridiculous wouldn’t it, it would be laughable and people could easily say to you, well that was another lifetime let it go, and we would say to you also let go of anything that is in your past that’s the story that your holding that is holding you back.

We would politely and lovingly say to you about anything in your past, “who cares.” For the truth is you’re not that person anymore are you? Yet you have an incredible future in front of you that is being made and formed, and designed in this very moment. We ask you to let go of the old paradigms, let go of the old stories, let go of the old lifetimes, even in this lifetime and stand firmly where you are at now, in terms of who you know yourself to be now, and look forward to who you are becoming.

In those moments where you find yourself telling the story to yourself or to others about what happened in your past, we ask you to stop yourself even midsentence, even if those of who you are with beg you to continue on. Allow yourself to stop mid sentence, stop telling the story, stop repeating the history that you wish to not be there anymore. And shift your story to who you know you are now, and who you know you are becoming, and who you know you wish to become.

You are the architect of your life; you are the designer of your now and your future, so allow yourself to embody all the changes that you’ve made in this lifetime. Allow yourself to be in a more healed more confident more understanding more connected more spiritual, healthier, whatever term you want to add in the place, and allow yourself to only be defined by what you are in this moment, and where you know you are going, or where you know you wish to go.
Where you are striving to be.

This will take some retraining, this will take some choice to let go of the past and not let the past define your now. But the more you do this, the faster you move forward, the more you are in your present moment, the more you’re free to create and re-create who you are again and again, for you have unshackled yourself from your past.

We say to you also, if you find yourself aware of needing to tell and retell an old story over and over again, spend some time with yourself and ask yourself why you need to keep resurrecting that energy. What part of it can you free yourself of, what part of it is unhealed, what part of it can you release, what part of it can you jettison out of your energy field and say it’s in the past, what’s done is done, what others have done is done. And I am in my here and now, I am only looking forward to my future.

Evaluate why those stories need to come up over and over again, why is it that the tale of wounding needs to be repeated over and over again, why is it that the emotions need to keep recirculating and recycling in ways that aren’t beneficial. What is it about them that you’re not willing to let go of, and then heal it, release it. Become aware of it, free yourself from the burden of it, and feel the openness and the expansiveness as you step into who you are now, and as you have your gaze on the future of who you want to be and who you will be, and who you know yourself to be in all of your glory, in all of your infinite soul’s expression.

Set down the burden of your past and enjoy your present, and look forward to your future.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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