High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 11th Nov 2013

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11th November 2013

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

What do you do when you’re driving down the road, a road that you’re very familiar with the road, that you’ve taken many time, a road that always takes you to the same destination perhaps home, perhaps work, perhaps your favorite restaurant, perhaps your favorite recreation destination? As you’re on your way you suddenly slow down and get to a point where you see the word “Detour”. You see signs in the way of your known path, or your understood path, about where you are headed. You might get frustrated, might wonder where the detour’s taking you, might feel a little insecure that you don’t know where the detour is taking you. Yet you make that turn to follow the signs and continue on down. Most likely that detour will take you in a way that you are unfamiliar with. As you’re on that new path you will see new vistas, you will see new surroundings, you might meet new vistas, new shops, new roads, new places that you weren’t familiar with because it’s part of the detour and it’s off of the path you normally take. As you wind through those other roads, making your way back onto the pathway that you’re familiar with, your world has opened up, hasn’t it? You’ve become aware of more things than you had had you not been on that detour. While that detour could be an inconvenience, it could also you open you up to new things you hadn’t experienced before. Then, as you continue along, the detour will take you back around to the pathway you’ve been on before, that’s familiar, and you can continue on, on your journey, to where you were originally intending to go.

This story can really exemplify many experiences that you are having in your life right now. Many of you are experiencing detours, unexpected changes, and unexpected events that take you in a direction you didn’t know you were going, or that was unplanned, or you can’t help but take that pathway now.

We ask you to observe yourself, as those detours in your life come up. How are you feeling about them? Are you worried? Are you concerned? Are you feeling off track in your life? Are you wondering if you will ever get back on track in your life? Can you observe that, as you’re on the detour, perhaps your vista is opening up to new ideas, new people, new experiences, new thoughts, even new awarenesses of yourself and how you react to changes and detours? Can you see that some of those are quite good experiences. Without the detour you might not have encountered them. You might not have learned, grown and be self-observant in the same way.

Can you enjoy the detour knowing it’s a detour and that you will get back on your track, back to where your destination is? Can you see the value of the detour that’s been provided to you, by your Soul and its experiences? Perhaps it was even planned to have that detour to enrich your life, to enliven your life, to open up your field of knowledge and experience. Even if nothing else, if you’re on a detour you can grumble your way through it or perhaps just enjoy the new things you’re learning along the way, understanding that you will always get back to where you are headed.

Some of you might even enjoy the detour so much that you don’t mind if you get back on that road to the same destination again! For you may have enjoyed the detour enough that that feels like a better pathway now.

The truth is, just as you encounter a detour on the road, you can’t do much about it, can you? You have to go with the flow and the way the signs have detoured you around, even if it feels inconvenient. You can grumble your way through it and fight your way through it when, just as you can’t change the road back to what you want it to be, perhaps the detour you can’t change, but in deciding that you’re going to be okay with the change and flow; the change in direction, which might be temporary and might be permanent, your attitude and your feeling about it will make all the difference. You can make it an adventure. You can be excited about what you’re learning. Even ask yourself “What more of my learning by this detour on my life? How am I changing? How my growing from the unexpected in my life?”

Even if it’s unexpected, perhaps you can enjoy it anyway! Enjoy all the experiences, the newness and the excitement of the detours that you might be experiencing in your life and see how you’re growing, changing and thriving from them!

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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