High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 21st Nov 2013

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21st November 2013

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

We begin with a funny saying that would be “….and a hush fell over the crowd”. Many of you may be aware of that saying. Today we’re going to bring that thing through with a different meaning for each one of you. In your world at this time there are many opportunities to feel chaos, worry, unrest, confusion, and much input from others, sometimes too much input from others in terms of advice, suggestions, and opinions. Particularly in the metaphysical realms there are so many different points of view that it can be confusing and somewhat overwhelming. What do you believe and what you set aside? Should you believe it all? What about believing the things that seem to be contradictory?

When we say “….and a hush fell over the crowd”, the idea is here that you would be able to put yourself in a quiet sacred space as if in a “cone of silence” (we say that because we know it is a term on your planet!) for you to align yourself with your Soul and your truth, then move forward from that place. For as times are changing and dimensions are shifting it’s as if the information systems are overloading your circuits at times. When you feel overloaded, overwhelmed, too much information or too much conflicting information we’re going to ask you to take that moment for yourself. Literally, envision a dome coming down from the point 18 inches above your head, which is your Soul Star. Envision a beautiful dome coming down around you that encases you in a “cone of silence”, which allows the external information that brings about unrest on many levels and silences it. This “cone of silence” allows you that moment to listen to yourself and your truth, and find your personal understanding.

Can you envision this “cone of silence” coming down from your Soul Star chakra, moving out in a dome shape around you and encasing you to allow all this external information to bounce off, or to sit just on the outside of the “cone of silence”, giving you that moment, or moments, to go inside and find your truth. Go inside and connect with your heart and with your Soul. Give you that moment to take a breath, to center yourself, to align yourself with the truth of the information coming down through that eighth chakra of your Soul Star, down into you. Then, as you choose to move back out into the world and the cone of silence is retracted, or opened up again, you know how to make sense of the information coming toward you. You know how to say “yes” to some things and “no” to others or setting it aside and it puts it all into perspective.

We say this for what you would call your worldly endeavors as well as your spiritual or metaphysical endeavors for the energies of change, transformation and chaos could be felt on any and all levels. You cannot segregate those areas of your life and say, “My business life is peaceful and my family life is in transition”. If anything is in transition, everything is in transition.

How do you silence those transitional energies and find your truth? You can envision, literally, this “cone of silence” coming down around you, giving yourself those moments to tune in to what your soul level truth is. Allow the information to come in and bubble up from your Soul and ask your Soul “What is the truth for me in this moment regardless of other people’s opinions”? As you do you become clear. Then you know how to react to the incoming energies. As you react to those incoming energies, even if the energies have chaos or confusion around them, your clarity allows them to line up with you, in terms of your personal truth. It allows you to move through these energies more easily and more gracefully.

What this does require is you being willing to remember and then take those few moments of time out to put yourself visually, physically, and energetically within your “cone of silence” to give yourself those moments to get in alignment. For some of you you may need to, in the moment, as you’re moving through your life literally excuse yourself to another room, to the restroom, to get a drink of water and remove yourself from the situation that has discord, upset or uncertainty around it. Then consciously put in place your “cone of silence” asking for the guidance of your Soul to come forward to give you the clarity and the peace around whatever those events are.

For some of you they may not be so much in the moment, but more of an overall energetic signature in your life and you want to be able to get clarity in a bigger way that transcends the moment. We would invite you to spend time, at the beginning and ending of your day, feeling that separation from all the externals as you connect with your internal truth. From there experiencing the peace, the clarity, the understanding and the knowingness as you connect with the information flowing in and flowing up from your Soul as it informs your life so that as you move out into your world the following day, or in the next moment, you feel aligned and clear. As you do it’s as if the pathway becomes clear for you. You know how to think, act and react from a very calm and centered place; always empowered by your Soul.

Enjoy this experience of enacting and activating your “cone of silence” as you connect to the greater energies and the information within your Soul, from your Soul and, ultimately, from your Truth.

Be blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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