High Council of Orion – Sing and Dance – 5th Jan 2014

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5th January 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Now that the year has turned on your calendar, as you mark time, there is an expectation in the field for things to suddenly feel easier and be breathing easier, understanding that this year coming up for you is one of being completely authentic to what you are at your core, your true nature. If you are feeling discord, unrest, unhappiness, frustration, anger or some moods or emotions that you are not happy with, we ask you to understand that this is not necessarily a failing of yours on your spiritual path, or a backsliding. We ask you to look at it a little more objectively. Look at it as evidence of some unnecessary baggage that is asking to be healed, transformed, or put down as you move forward into this coming year.

First and foremost, we would invite you to not judge yourself harshly, to feel like a failure or incomplete or that you’re doing it “wrong”. We would ask you to extend some love and compassion to yourself and give yourself a pep talk about the things that have been happening that are right and the growth that you’ve seen, as we’ve said in our last message. Also look at the challenges and difficulties from the outside, objectively. Imagine yourself taking those emotions and feelings and experiences as if you’re taking them outside of your body, placing them on the table and asking them what they can tell you that you need to release. What is coming up that needs to be left behind, understood, healed, or released? That is what those these difficult moments are bringing forward for you right now.

So envisioning the difficulty outside of yourself, talking to it as if it is outside of yourself and asking what is it that you are here to show me I need to release? What are you illuminating for me that can be the next thing I work on to choose to release? You’ll be amazed at some of the information that comes back. Once you receive that information we encourage you wholeheartedly to act on it. For the reception of the information is good and can shift things, but then acting is the place where the change happens.

There are many difficult moments right now where you might not be able to get that information for your emotions are running high enough, so we ask you to incorporate a few things into your life that shift your vibration to a more open place, where you can hear the information or allow it to release on its own.

One would be singing, for the sound of the vibration of you singing can begin to shake loose old patterns and paradigms. For you, as you sing, are shifting your vibratory rate. Find the music that you love, that inspires you, that brings you to those higher, elevated emotional states such as joy, happiness, love, and peace. Whether it’s chanting mantras or singing with the songs on the radio it matters not as long as your emotions elevate and are connected to it. We would encourage you to sing with your whole body. Sing with a smile and connect to the joy, the peace, and the love. Then allow the mood and the energies to dissipate, even see them moving away as you elevate your energetic resonance.

Another way is through movement, whether it’s yoga, walking, running, bike riding, swimming, dancing, whatever it is, again, the vibratory aspect of the movement shifts the vibrational rate within your body and allows the energies to dislodge that need to be moved at this point in time.

Drink plenty of water, stay grounded to the beautiful planet in which your Soul has you living at this moment in time, experiencing this level of reality.
Spend time with yourself or the people who bring you to that elevated state of consciousness through friendship, love and laughter. Read funny books. Watch movies.

All of this sounds so grounded and earthly, does it not? Yet each and every one of these experiences uplifts your energetic vibration for you to see the situations you’re in differently, gather information that may be withheld when you’re in a deeper, darker emotional state. Then from that elevated place you have an opportunity to understand what it is that needs to be released when you look at the issues at hand.

If you’re in a darker spot right now as you move into this beginning of the new year understand that, again, it’s just evidence the something that needs to be released, healed, and left behind. Allowing your vibration to shift through singing, through dancing, through movement, through any of the things we’ve suggested, allows you to then address that thing that seems to be looming so large in front of you. For you your energetic signature is different interacting with it and, therefore, the energy can flow and allow you to understand what it is that you are to be learning, what you need to have illuminated, what you need to find tools and resources to help you work to release and move forward in a less encumbered way.

We have said before in our messages, and we will say again, that all the solution energy that you need to shift and change your life is right around you. It’s all there as you’re hearing today. Sometimes it’s shifting your understanding and your application if those energies, looking at them in a different way, yet all the answers are here. They’re hiding in plain sight. We like to help illuminate those things so you can feel empowered yourself, for this is the time of seeking the answers from within because that is the greatest place of empowerment that you can be moving to this point in time.

So we sing with you, dance with you, laugh and be joyful with you; know, trust and see how each one of you are expanding beyond what you could’ve even imagined in your wildest dreams. You are the Light of the World.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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