My Personal Journey Through Sadness

My Personal Journey Through Sadness

I have been experiencing profound sadness recently. It has been a sadness I have not experienced before because it has felt so deep and unrelenting, yet I could not attach it to anything, any experience, or any one. Of course, it never would be about anything I was looking to attach it to. Never the less, it was a global feeling of sadness I could not understand. Recently, I felt on the verge of tears all the time. Nothing had happened to trigger the tears. The feeling of sadness was just becoming a constant in my life.

Trying to Find Solutions

During this time I brought out all my resources to assist with this: flower essences, homeopathy, cell salts, herbal supplements, essential oils, crystals, meditation, asking my guides, channeling and more. The perplexing thing is that these did not seem to be helping in the ways they normally do. I can often move through things that come up in my life pretty easily and pretty consciously. This sadness was not responding to what I was doing. Of course, this did not help my desire to get to the end of the deep and profound sadness! I wanted movement and I was only feeling more stuck and more sad. I was beginning to wonder if I really was “broken”, experiencing depression in a way that I could not touch or if I was going to be able to get out of it at all.

Into My Akashic Records

And then, I went into my Akashic Records again this morning and BOOM there was the answer that shifted my energies! Once I opened my records I asked what I could understand about the sadness I was experiencing, what the cause of it was (this lifetime or one of the many others!), what I could do to shift and release the overwhelming sadness that was deeply affecting me on all levels.

And this is what I heard…..

I was releasing many, many lifetimes of stored emotions of sadness, betrayal, unfulfilled desires, thwarted success, disappointment, hurt and more all right now. Wow, that is enough to make you feel inconsolably sad all the time…releasing all of it at once! What a job!

Necessary Release

I also received guidance that I could not have done this release in or before 2013 and it needed to be done now, at the beginning of 2014, for me to move forward and fully live into my Soul’s “mission” in this life. So, it was being done in one fell swoop of sadness, emotion, despair, and heartache.

It All Made Sense Now

It all made so much sense. After I heard this information I understood why the sadness felt so deep, so profoundly deep, and also why it did not feel attached to anything specific in my life now. Nothing was happening in my here and now to bring about such feelings of hopelessness and despair, but I was releasing all the stored up energy of sadness from many lifetimes. Of Course!

Let the Feelings Be There

What was also suggested in my reading was to allow the feelings to be there: cry uncontrollably if I felt like I needed to, feel sad, be quiet and withdrawn if that felt appropriate as well. Understanding and allowing the feelings, knowing that I was not really “falling apart at the seams” would allow the release of the burden of lifetimes. I was also told that this was a necessary step for me on my Soul’s journey.

Return of Hope

During my reading I began to feel lightness and hope return. I felt better with the knowledge and understanding that I was moving through this and it was not stuck to me or in me forever. I felt a release in just knowing I was not broken and that I would be feeling better than ever by my birthday (which is in March, just around the corner!). As I move through this day I already feel a shift and a lightness in my view of myself and my world that was lost to me for a while…and I am so deeply grateful for the shift.

It Is Time

Now I know that if I begin to feel sad I can just feel sad, thank the experience of sadness for being there because it is a release of a long held burden. It is time. It is time to release the burden, feel lighter, less encumbered and connect more consistently with Joy, Happiness and, most importantly for me, Trust.

Deep Gratitude

I am so deeply grateful for my connection to the Akashic Records and how it assists me on my Life’s Journey…and will continue to do so. I am grateful for the gentle and clear ways I am shown who I am in my perfection, in my rightness, and in my Truth. I am grateful to be incarnated in a time when we can utilize this incomparable resource of Soul Level Truth to understand, heal, release and embrace who we are at our core.

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