Fall in Love…..with Yourself!

Love as a Constant

Okay, so we all know about Love.  It is one of the constants in all of our lives one way or another.  We are always “verbing” about Love: wanting, longing, wishing, regretting, hating, missing, pining, dreaming……

You get the picture.

Striving for Love

Then there are the many types of Love relationships we are striving for in the delicate balance of give and take: from our partner, our kids, our parents, siblings, bosses, and on and on and on…..

Elusive Love

What we do know about Love is that we want it, we crave it and we feel unsatisfied when it is not showing up in the myriad of ways we wish, hope, dream or feel we deserve.  Which leads us to the big question: Why is Love so Elusive?

The Missing Piece of Love

The missing piece in the Love Equation is this: it all begins with YOU!  It begins with your ability experience the love you are seeking by finding it in yourself, offering it to yourself and reveling in the glory of Self-Love!  This is not an egotistical kind of self-love; this is the Love of who you are at your core, at your essence…at your Soul.  This is the love of connecting to who you are in your supreme awesomeness and uniqueness! They didn’t teach you that in school did they?

Where to Find What is Missing

How can you connect with the missing ingredient in your search for love? Why, in the Akashic Records, of course!  When you open your Akashic Records you find yourself in the warm embrace of non-judgment and unconditional love.  As you spend time in your records, asking the questions that are most important to you in your life now and receiving the Love and Understanding that you have been seeking in your life you begin to see Love in yourself.  As you connect more and more with your perfection at your Soul level you begin to radiate LOVE out into the world and see it in others as well.  And you know what can happen as you are connected to the Love of your self and extend that love to others?  It can come back to you in spades!  As you connect to more and more authentic Love of your Self, you create the space for love to flow back to you in your relationships: family, friends and lovers!

Would you like to experience unconditional Self-Love? Contact me for an Akashic Record Reading or join us for a course in which you can learn to read your own Akashic Records and connect with your Unconditional Love for YOU!

Find out more about Akashic Record Readings by watching this short video: Akashic Record Readings
We teach people how to easily access their Akashic Records in just one weekend. Our next course is Feb. 21 – 23 in Southern California or join us in Alberta, Canada in April and June. Click here for class details…..we hope you can join us!
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