High Council of Orion – EXPAND INTO GREATER ENERGETIC TRUTH – 13th Feb 2014

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13th February 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation
“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

As the energies of change and transformation are making themselves more apparent on your planet at this time it can be difficult, or more challenging, to see the good in it or see the positive aspect of it. We’re going to ask you to move to a place of actually not needing to have judgment about some of these things that you see happening on the planet. Instead of needing to feel that you need to define them as “good” or “bad” we ask you to look at them more factually: what is happening there without needing to define it. As you define something and say “This is good” and “This is bad” you automatically create limitation around it. You’ve put a constrictive net, you’ve held the energy in check, by putting a judgment of “good” or “bad”. It doesn’t mean that, in terms of the human experiences, it wouldn’t be seen as good or bad, but if you look at the changes that are happening on the planet at this time as necessary for the forward progress. For the changes are also evidence of energetic changes on the planet: growing pains, if you will. Look at them, in a sense, a little more objectively and seeing where you can be in positive action around it.

Now, clearly, if something’s happening in another part of the world you could be drawn to being in action about it by going to that place and offering support in whatever way. Understand that as you live into your energetic reality, your physical presence is not necessarily required there, but your energetic presence can be of great benefit. How can you do this? We would invite you to hold the space that there is something bigger afoot that you don’t understand, even if it feels disastrous.

In situations like what’s happening in Japan instead of being in this place of negative thought around it and judgment about who’s doing what or or you would whether the actions are right or wrong around it. It’s so easy to point fingers. What we ask you to do is look at it as an experience that’s here as evidence of the change and transformation on the planet.

As you hold the space of this is change and transformation that in the long run is beneficial, for whatever reason, then you open up the space for solution energy to come in, for alternatives to come in. When you have it negative judgment about some of these things out of the place of fear and worry and concern (which is very reasonable for a human being to experience that with some of these events) but as you open up the space of looking at it from an evolutionary and an energetic point of view you keep the space more open to allow solutions and possibilities to come in. You haven’t fenced it off with your point of view and your energetic constriction around it saying, “This is bad. People have made the wrong decisions. They’re not doing it right.” The point of view is, in an ultimate sense, it’s all happening in its perfection.

If it’s all happening its perfection and you’re feeling a lot of anger, upset, worry, concern or fear around it perhaps what it means is you don’t have all the information yet. As time goes by, as you receive more information, your point of view about it can change. If you hold the space that even just saying to yourself “I feel a lot of judgment about this, but maybe I do because I don’t understand the bigger picture in the evolutionary sense, on the energetic levels”, then you’re allowing, more change and transformation to happen.

The key here is really beginning to allow change and transformation to happen regardless of your human opinion about it. For, in the minds of many, there are the thoughts of ascension and moving to this greater place of light and love. There is a lot of dreaming about that, but then when evidence of change and transformation is happening, because it’s happening in a way different than what you expect, you’re judging it. The judgment creates a barrier, slowing down the progress of the movement towards its inevitable conclusion.

Be a global citizen. Be aware of what’s happening. As you catch yourself in the moments of judgment, whether it’s Fukushima, or whether it’s what political leaders or public figures are doing or what groups of people are doing to one another, we ask you to not necessarily bury your head in the sand, but look at it from the point of view that if this is evidence of the change that is an energetic imperative that’s happening on the planet it right now… if you experience yourself feeling the judgment around it, just say to yourself “I’m feeling judgment. I’m feeling fear. I’m feeling worry. I’m feeling concern. I’m feeling critical.” Allow all that, then allow yourself to say “But if this is part of the change and transformation on the planet, I’m going to open up the field to understand that maybe I don’t understand the bigger picture of the motivation of these energies in terms of accelerating our change and transformation on the planet”. As you do, you allow that change and transformation to come through. For you are seeing it through your eyes, which is your experience, which is real, but there’s a much bigger picture that on some level you don’t have yet. It’s all part of this greater collective of moving forward.

As you do, those things that are not necessary, the “older” energies, need to be brought to the surface to be able to be released. Some of the difficult human experiences can be that Truth coming out so that it then can be released. To use a human body expression, we would say it’s not unlike the infection in the body coming to a head, in a boil, and it needs to be brought up and out and then released so it can be changed and transformed.

As you look at these experiences around your planet we invite you to look at it as something that’s needing to come out to be released and as you hold the positive energy that it’s there to be released and so “I know that there’s a positive outcome from this in the long run”… it allows the energies of change and transformation to happen more easily. They’re not trapped by the constriction of judgment, criticism, fear and worry.

You can apply this bigger concept that we’re talking about today on a global level to your life in your individual circumstances as well. If there are things that you have a lot of judgment about that are making you feel uncomfortable at this time, what if you hold the space that it’s being brought before you for the change in the transformation and the release? Even just living into the space that it’s there to be released with less judgment, criticism, fear and worry around it, you open up the field of your energy to allow the revealing and the healing and the release to happen so that you move through that in a new way. As you apply this to the individual circumstances in your life and you apply it to your judgment as you see things happening on your planet at this time, those two together support your ability to expand into a greater energetic Truth.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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