Akashic Records: Don’t Buy a Home Without Them!

Selling your home? Buying a new home? Looking for a new place to call Home Sweet Home?
One of the best ways to assist you in buying, selling, renting or leasing a home is to use the Akashic Records!

My Home has….. what?

Did you know that your home has its own Akashic Records? You can open them up to find out all kinds of information such as: what is the ideal buyer the home would like? What improvements could be done before you sell or leave such as painting, landscaping, cleaning or even more involved maintenance such as plumbing or electrical work?  By opening up the Akashic Records of your home you are increasing your potential for a successful sale of your home as you implement the guidance and suggestions you receive there.

Akashic Records and Your Home

If you are in the market for a new home to live in, whether you wish to buy, rent or lease, you can open up the Akashic Records of your choices to find out more information that might assist you in making the best decision for you and the home.

What We Experienced

Here’s an experience Paul and I had as we looked for a new home to live in.  We found one that met a lot of the criteria we were looking for, yet was under renovation at the time. We only had the vision of what the finished project was to look like based on what the agent told us.  We went ahead planning to move into this home, hoping the renovations were going to be in line with what we would like.  While we were waiting for the completion of the project we decided to go into the home’s Akashic Records to see what more we could find out.  The house had many things to share with us, some of which were about paint color, what the owner had done (and not done!) with the landscaping and…that it wanted a family in the home!  We were both surprised and intrigued by this.  We did not have any young children (mine are grown) so we would not be moving into this home as a “family”, in that sense of the word.

Not Up to Our Standards

When we went to view the home after completion of the renovations they were not up to a standard that we felt were acceptable. Much to the dismay of the owner we said we could not take the house. We continued our search and found a home that was much more in line with what we wanted on every level.

The Moral of That Story

And….the moral of this story happened a couple of weeks later when we received a call from the owner of the house we turned down. He was very happy because a mom and her kids moved into the home!

A Win/Win Situation

Our time in the Akashic Records of this home allowed us to see what we might have been getting into, gave us the right amount of pause to say “no” to that one home which allowed us to find a more perfect home for ourselves AND the first home got what it wanted by having a family in it!  I would say that was a win/win situation all thanks to spending some time in the Akashic Records of the home!

Other Avenues of Assistance

We have also used the Akashic Records to assist a real estate agent with a home for their client, for our own offices and even in creating the space in the home we are living in now. It is so much fun to use this multi-faceted resource for all areas of our lives, including our most sacred space: our home.

Would you like to find out what your home or future home has to say? Contact me for an Akashic Record Reading or join us for a course in which you can learn to read your own Akashic Records as well as the records of your home, business and so much more.

Find out more about Akashic Record Readings by watching this short video: Akashic Record Readings
We teach people how to easily access their Akashic Records in just one weekend. Our next courses are in Alberta, Canada in April and June. Click here for class details…..we hope you can join us!
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