High Council of Orion – AWARENESS OF ENERGETIC ESSENCE – 6th Mar 2014

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6th March 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation
“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Once again it gives us great joy to connect with each and every one of you to share the messages from where we are to assist you and guide you on your pathway to a new reality, a new time, a new experience of your incarnation.

Today’s message is about connecting to your energetic essence. More simply put it really is about connecting to your essence. As many of you know, and as your scientists have been proving in many, many ways, the essence of All That Is is that same energetic signature. You can reduce down everything within your experience of the world to the same energy. Your experience of your world is about vibrational differences that gives you the contrast to experience yourself as a physical being, the trees, the plants, the other humans, the planet itself, the weather systems, whatever it might be. It’s all vibrational resonance showing up in different ways to give you a variety of experiences, but underneath all of it, or deeper than all of it, wider than all of it, is this same energy of Essence.

We invite you today to begin to open your mind to the idea and live into the reality that the energy is the same throughout all of creation. All of it! There is no difference. As you have your quiet times, as you meditate, as you move into greater places of connection and looking for that Source Energy within you, we ask you to, at this moment in time, feel and open yourself to the idea and the experience that the energy is all the same at its core. As you entertain this idea in your meditations, as you entertain this idea in your explorations, in your questioning of your life and the universe, it opens up your field to be able to begin to experience that essence energy. As you do the vibratory rate at which you are experiencing your life begins to shift. What does this mean? The denser vibrations begin to be more impacted by your conscious awareness of your essence energy.

We have more to teach and share about this later on, but for now we want you to understand and begin to consciously connect with your essence energy. There doesn’t need to be a “way” to do it. There doesn’t need to be at “teaching” around this. Just the idea that you open your mind and your energetic field to begin to live into an awareness first, and then, over time, an increased connection with the reality that essence energy is the same regardless of where you are and regardless of what’s happening.

With that you can begin to live into the future energetic truth of living into Oneness, living into working with energies through a flow, through the Oneness where you’ve transcended a lot of thought, a lot of action; you transcended the need to effort through things. For instead of seeing the density as an energetic reality you have connected with the essence energy that is everything, which is free flowing. You begin to live outside of the constructs of the denser reality in which you live, in which you exist, and in which your Soul chose you to have there and be there.

At the same time you can begin to learn to transcend and work with this essence energy as you acknowledge it, as you feel it, as you experience it, as you begin to see the veil of the different levels of density begin to fall away.

We will leave you with this idea for now to explore the concept of your awareness around essence energy that is everything. It is that different vibrational rate within the essence energy that allows you to experience your world the way you do on this plane, however, as you begin to connect with it in more of its purer form, in the form that it naturally moves with freedom, you can begin to experience that within your life and in your reality.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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