High Council of Orion – QUESTION YOUR FEELINGS – 11th Mar 2014

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11th March 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation
“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

We are aware, can see, feel and understand the level of change that many of you are experiencing on the planet. That change can come through in ways that are not always very comfortable. Would you agree? While this might seem a little basic, we are going to remind you this is a temporary energetic on your planet. It will not be the continuing energetic, yet during change and transformation very often the energies can feel uncomfortable. They can feel confusing. They can bring you to areas and territories where you did not know you were going to be. When you’re in that place of unknown territory it’s hard to have your bearings, it’s hard to know what to do next, it’s hard to not feel uncertain about what actions to take, what to think and how to behave.

We invite you today to tune into a different energetic resonance when you are in those moments of uncertainty, fear, panic, unknowing, hurt, feeling cast adrift, whatever it might be, to ask yourself a very simple question. Before we tell you what the question is, the reason it’s important to ask this question is because in the asking the energy begins to shift. The energetic field that has become compressed or tight as a result of the uncertainty in which you find yourself as a result of the change and transformation creates a barrier, creates a wall, creates an impediment for you to see what direction to move, what’s on the other side, whatever it might be. Asking the question that we will share with you in a moment shifts the energetic resonance to allow new information to come in.

The questions become this: “What would my life look like and how would I act, how would I think, if I weren’t afraid?” “What would I do if I did not feel betrayed?” “What would I do if I was successful right in the here and now?” “How would I feel, right now, if I felt loved?” “How would I feel if I trusted?” “What would I do? How would I act if I trusted, loved, felt secure, whatever it might be?”

As you’re asking yourself this question allow yourself to really be in a relaxed state of breathing, allow and envision the energies of your body to feel as if they have movement that accompanies your breath. As you ask yourself these very important questions, and you’re shifting your energetic field, we ask you to be in a place of allowing and not expecting, in that moment, everything to be different. Yet allowing for new information to come in, allowing for a different point of view, allowing for an openness to what you would call is the “synchronicities” or the “magic” in life… when suddenly there is that phone call with the right information; the piece of information that you see on the computer or in the newspaper, the synchronicity of running into the right person at the right time. The “magic” of finding that piece of paper that you’ve been looking for that was so important, finding out that what you understood about the other people who you might have felt hurt or betrayed by was simply a misunderstanding. Whatever it is, whatever you are seeking, we ask that you allow the shift in the energies to occur first without immediately expecting a response.

As you begin to open yourself up and open your energetic field up with this simple method of questioning, and you apply it to any area of your life, in any moment of your life, you will be amazed to see the changes that can happen.

We will give you a few examples: What if something happened in your day where you felt very angry in the moment? You felt justified in your anger. You felt frustrated. At the same time, you were feeling angry and disappointed with yourself for feeling angry! As you know sometimes you get into a spiral where you can’t even find your way out of the feeling, sometimes even enough just to think that you wished you didn’t have that feeling. Sometimes you’re in a spiral where you say, “I really wish I didn’t feel this, but I certainly do!” Pretending your way out of feeling that energetic resonance of the anger in the moment isn’t often successful. What we will share with you is if you just open up your field of energy to say “What would it feel like right now if I wasn’t angry?” “What would it feel like if the anger was serving me in a particular way?” “What would I do right now if I were the opposite of angry and was completely happy right now?” “What would it feel like if I never got upset with what just happened?” “What would it feel like if I didn’t need to react to that other person?” Whatever it might be.

As you can imagine your way into our example you can see that the desire in the moment is not necessarily for a different point of view. The questioning of what it would feel like and what you would do on the flip side of whatever it is you’re experiencing, shifts your energies enough to allow for another point of view, a different experience, perhaps even insight into patterns you have, or even ways you empower yourself, in this example, with a negative emotion. All that awareness and understanding is wonderful and good and, again, helps shift your energetic resonance, allows it to move.

To give you a couple more examples: What if you didn’t need to feel betrayed? How would you feel if you felt unconditionally loved by all the people around you? How would you behave if love was the only thing you experienced in your life? How would you act if the actions of that other person didn’t get under your skin and didn’t hurt? How would you feel if you understood what was motivating that other person and so you did not need to react?

We invite you to play with this experience of asking the questions relative to how you felt in the moment, how you would feel, how you would act, how you think if the opposite were true. Just observe. Have fun with this, as we often say. We will also add that you should be prepared for some incredible insights, some wonderful shifts, for these simple questions help bring you back into an energetic resonance where you feel more comfortable, more peaceful, more understanding, more understood, more loving and more loved.

Have fun! Be playful with this! Have your journal nearby for you’ll want to jot down some of your “AH-HA” moments that come as a result of this.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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