High Council of Orion – GREATER ENERGETIC CONNECTION – 20th May 2014

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20th May 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation, thank you Monica.
“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

As many of you know, this time of change and transformation, transition, within the consciousness of your planet, within the conscious energy of embodiment in the space where you find yourself at this time, you are moving to this place of living into your energetic reality, which means that you become a creator God within your life. It means that you begin to learn to understand the power of your creative abilities, come from within, and allow you to stop waiting for experiences, people, or information from the outside to make you whole, as if you are not whole in and of yourself at this moment in time. But to allow you to expand into this reality that you really are part of this field of Oneness where everything exists, where all that you need is within that field of information that you are energetically swimming in all the time. Learning to know, understand and connect with this idea that it’s all there and it’s not separate from you. It’s not unattainable. It’s not beyond your grasp. It is not something that others are specially able to have and you are not. It is not even being withheld from you in a punitive way.

It’s a question of really beginning to expand your thoughts to this possibility, this idea that it’s all around you. It’s all there, accessible to you. Without going into the sad story about how all these things have been missing in your life, how perhaps you are inadequate, broken or have done the “wrong things” in the wrong lifetimes, even this lifetime, so, therefore, you can’t have it.

What if you decide to drop those ideas, those awarenesses, and those stories for a moment? Sit and feel into the reality of the truth that it’s all around you right now! You’re sitting in the middle of it! You’re sitting in the middle of an energetic field where everything your heart desires; every aspect of your life that you feel is missing is there. So just allowing yourself to sit in the field possibilities, just for a little while, every day, for a few moments, without needing to see a specific outcome; without needing to see “Well, if I want this and now I’m thinking that it’s in the field of possibilities, why isn’t it here right now”? Just being open to this idea that it’s all there around you.

What if it’s not being withheld? What if you are not missing the key ingredient? What if you’re not broken in such a way that you can’t have it? What if you just allow that noise, that chatter, that self-talk to turn the volume down, and allow yourself a few moments of quiet, of meditation, of peace, of turning inward to just allow for that energetic possibility?

What we would suggest to you is that you, as you sit there and feel into the space of this possibility, to actually imagine, if you will sense, feel into the space that the boundaries of your physical body will dissolve into the energetic field around you. You can even envision this, if you will, as you sit there quietly. Envision what it would look like if the boundaries of your body became the light that they actually are and they dissolved in the field of the light that’s all around you. As you begin to connect with the more, without looking for a particular outcome, without looking to have a result in front of you as evidence that this is true. Just feel what it feels like to breathe into the reality that you are sitting in the midst of this energetic field that contains everything; whether it’s the piece of mind, whether it’s the joy, the elation, the connection, the human relationships, the ease in the material world, whatever it might be. Just sit and feel and breathe and allow the space of possibility to just even be around you. This is a first step in moving towards this greater energetic connection.

In your world right now you’re used to and want to see evidence immediately. You want to see “Well, I did this… now where’s the result?” “I did this, now where’s the result?” What we’re inviting you to do is just open up your field of experience. Just sit in possibility. Within this field of possibility is a solution to whatever it is that you’re seeking. Do you have to sit in this field of possibility and say “Well, then, where’s my answer? I sat here for five minutes.” We would suggest that you just allow yourself to steep in the field of possibility for a while and become aware of how your body’s feeling, how your emotions are feeling. We would suggest to you that, as you are sitting there in that place of possibility, you will feel lighter, more hopeful, excited, anticipatory. Then more deeply envision what it means to lose yourself, if you will, in this boundary-less area of light and possibility, where the answer, the solution, the response to what you desire may be something vastly different then you would think in your ordinary human thinking, yet can be greatly more satisfying. For in the human realm, in the third dimensional realm, you may feel that you desire a particular relationship or a certain amount of money or a place to live or whatever it might look like, so that from that place, therefore then, you really are going to experience the love, the connection, the peace of mind, the right location. You feel that if you get these third dimensional things in place, therefore, life will feel okay. What you’re really seeking are those higher-level feelings of connection, joy, peace, love that are the side effect of these things that you are desiring.

What if you think you need a new job or a new relationship or a change in a place to live or a different health situation in your body because when you have it, then worry, concern, loneliness and other things will fall away. If you look beyond those things immediately that you’re desiring, the feeling, the outcome of what your life would look like beyond that, within this field of possibilities, there are so many ways you can achieve that ultimate goal that you’re looking for without it needing to be clearly defined by a specific outcome that you might think about in your third dimensional realm.

As you sit in this field of possibilities and just allow yourself to be there, you might see different points of view, be inspired to move in a direction that you haven’t thought about, see the same situation through a new set of eyes. So for today and right now we encourage you to begin to connect with this field of infinite possibility that you are steeped in constantly. Begin to dissolve the barrier between you and it. Live into that energetic reality that you are in a field of infinite possibilities where the solutions and the answers are all there, perhaps in a different way than you expect, but in ways that could surpass your wildest imagination! We invite you free yourself from a particular outcome needing to be the only possible solution, and open yourself up to the infinite nature of the universe in which you find yourself. As we always say, have fun with this! Enjoy the journey! We will always be at your side throughout it.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

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