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28th July 2014

Channeled by Paul Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation, thank you Monica.
“Greetings dear Paul we are the Arcturian’s,

We continue our discussion about expanding your consciousness, for those of you who read or listen to our first channeling, that this channel posted several weeks ago, we encouraged you to take some time out of your busy days, and simply sit and be in nature. There is a calming peaceful energy that surrounds you while you are in nature. It is good for the Soul, healing for the human body, and it allows you to take time out from your busy day just to relax and BE.

In the previous channeling we encouraged you to start to connect to more of what is around and we’ll share a little bit more about that in this message, for part of the purpose of your expanding your consciousness is to allow you to sense, feel, connect to, and self-realize that there is so much more around you than just your physical body, and a chair, and a table, and whatever is in your physical immediate surroundings.

We want to encourage you to start to move into this realm of feeling and as you start to explore this realm, you suddenly start to sense and feel things that you may have never sensed or felt before, and you ask yourself “What is this, what am I sensing, what my feeling? I’m not really sure but it’s a little bit different to what I normally used to.

We encourage you to connect to those feelings and explore what you’re feeling. We encourage you to take some time-out and spend that time in nature, it’s best if you in a quiet space in nature, somewhere we you can comfortably be alone and just observe and feel and sense. If you have a lot happening around you, you it can distract you from tuning into the more subtle feelings.

In this instance we encourage you to find a quite space and in that quiet space, allow your concentration to just move down into where your physical heart is, where your heart chakra is, and allow that intuition within you to guide you to a sacred space within the heart. A space that there is no judgment, there is no ego, there is just this beautiful loving peace, and it’s okay if you don’t find this in your first or second or third or fourth or fifth times, just trust, bring your attention down to your heart and just tune into that and allow yourself to be guided into that quiet peaceful loving space.

As you move into that space, feel the quiet centeredness within, start to feel and tune into this beautiful feeling of love. It’s a feeling of love that has a purer quality to it, it’s a love that’s not tainted, not easily lost or distracted, it’s something that’s so pure, like it rises above everything else. Please understand we are just simply describing it in a way through the limited form of words to allow you to grasp the feeling of this love, for it is far more than the way we describe it.

Tune into this beautiful feeling and once you have moved into this space just rest, just BE in this space, explore and feel this feeling of love, this feeling of quietude, if your mind comes into the picture and reminds you about something you need to do in your day, just gently release those thoughts and bring your attention back into this beautiful loving sacred space within your heart.

There can be things happening around you but they simply happen around you and you remain unaffected in this beautiful quiet space. You may even be aware of them but you still remain in this beautiful quiet space.

NEVER be annoyed or judgmental of yourself, if you’re one of these people that finds it difficult to meditate because your mind is very busy, again don’t be judgmental or annoyed with yourself, just simply connect in and enjoy those moments that you have and share with this beautiful space. The space of your Soul, your Higher-Self, your Essence, even if it is brief. As you do this more often, you will find those brief moments become longer and longer, and before you know it you’re able to spend substantial time in this beautiful sacred space of your heart.

Have fun playing with this and enjoy, because that’s what life is all about, fun and En-JOYment.

We love you all; we are the Arcturian’s.”

© 2014 Copyright Paul Marwood

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Channel: Paul Marwood 

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