Just Pour Your Heart Out……

Your best friend’s shoulder. Your therapist. Your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother or other trusted family member. Your dog or cat. Your pillow, as you drown it in your tears and pummel it with your fists. Even the Heavens, if you appeal to them when you are in your darkest, most upset moments.

Who Do You Turn To?
Who do you go to for release and relief of life’s upsetting moments of sadness, hurt, disappointment, frustration, betrayal, fear or anger? Who is that “go to” person who, when all is said and done, can take it all in, perhaps offer some wise advice and still love you in the end?

Did It Help?
And when you have poured out all the tears and spewed all the frustration, looking for validation for who you are and your point of view, has it helped? Do you feel better? Always feels better? Sometimes? Sometimes worse or even more agitated? Have you had any new insight or just retold your story, looking for support, to find yourself sitting in the same place that you were before the ranting and raving session?

Have You Done It In Your Records?
Have you ever poured your heart out in the same way in your Akashic Records? In this unconditionally loving, safe & sacred space have you just told your story, cried, vented, blamed and let it all flow from your own point of view?

Share Your Human Experiences
I have found one of the best places to begin to understand a pickle I might find myself in at the moment, especially one that feels confusing, murky & mystifying to me, is to go into my Akashic Records and simply begin with my story. Tell my human experience. I do not try to make it pretty, right or even to understand it at the get go. I can just tell my story and feel sad, frustrated, thwarted, misunderstood and victimized! I don’t have to find a way to forgiveness of another person or even to a place of feeling shifted at all at the beginning. I don’t even need to look for any answer or solution.

Can This Really Help?
I know this might seem counter to what many of you would feel as the “right” thing to do, or the “spiritual” thing to do. Some might even feel that if I just tell my story, especially if I actually swear in my Akashic Records (yes, I might do that!) I won’t be doing anything other than reinforcing the energy or reinforcing my point of view without considering any other information or alternate point of view.

Is It Bad To Do This in My Akashic Records?
But, understanding a few basics about the Akashic Records, or in this case, the Akashic Field helps this make perfect sense. It is a field of Unconditional Love and Non-Judgment. The Light and Truth of who we are at the level of our Soul exists in this sacred space. If these are the foundational energies within the Akasha, will I experience any fall from Grace by being real about my human experience? Of course not! This is the space where we are seen for who we are at a level that transcends our human experience. We are seen for who we truly are…period. It is not conditional on our point of view, our attitude, our behavior, the words we choose or the energy we are carrying at our human level. There is no judgment about any aspect of who we are in the moment! What a relief!

What Might Happen?
What can happen when you rant and rave in your Akashic Records? As you speak the truth of your experiences in this unconditionally loving and non-judgmental space you begin to shift your energies, the negative emotions you have been experiencing can shift, or you can have new insights and information flow to you that you had not considered before.

Transformation from Truth
What I have personally experienced is that I can feel completely transformed by simply telling my story in my own records. I do not even need to be seeking an answer. I can go in there and just be my real, human self and share my experiences and feel better just because I had this safe, sacred space in which to share my story. It is as if my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who see me at my Truth are sacred witnesses to my experience and my energy can shift…. my energy does shift.

So, it IS okay to just express our human-ness in the field of our Akashic Records. AND when we do it there we are still connecting with the Light and Truth of who we are! We cannot help but to connect with this truth just by being in our Akashic Records.

Have to tried just being REAL & 100% HUMAN in your Akashic Records? What have your experiences been? I would LOVE to hear!

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