High Council of Orion – Smiling – 25th March 2015

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25th MARCH 2015

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Let’s continue our discussion about vibrational technology, as we’ve discussed in the previous two messages around affirmation. We’re going to take it in a different way, but still about vibrational technology. We want you to see and understand the profound impact that smiling has on your vibrational field. Smiling is a very powerful way to change your experience of life.

Now, of course, they’re many on your planet to talk about smiling in many different ways and, of course, we might be repeating that ,but this is affirmation then that you have information at your fingertips that is already on your planet that is incredibly transformational, incredibly powerful, and perhaps even ridiculously simple in a way that can change your experience of your life when you’re ready.

Let’s talk about smiling. As many of you know if you’re walking down the street and somebody smiles at you and you smile back, you may not be consciously aware of it, but it makes you feel better. Inherently, energetically, in the smile and what happens to the muscle and what happens to the chemistry within the brain, and more importantly the part that you’re not consciously seeing, what it does to your energy field it is as if your energy field lights up when you smile. The power of transforming your point of view, your mood, your emotion, your experience of life can be contained within a smile. It sounds so simple. Perhaps ridiculously simple. Perhaps you want to hear something far more profound from the High Council of Orion in this moment, but we are here to share with you things that you already have on your planet, that you already experience that you don’t need to reach for, or strive for, or feel that is missing in your life that you can use right now. For it is in your now that you’re experiencing your life, your existence, and the way you move to more transcendent space is to shift your vibrational stance where you find yourself. You are the place where the transformation happens.

Let’s talk about this smile, and energetically, if it’s opening you up, what harm could it do if you consciously smiled during your day. You’ve heard the people talk about looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself. If you’re feeling grumpy or angry or even petulant about not wanting to smile, you’ve heard people in your dimension talk about smile anyway, whether you have to push the corners of your mouth up, whether you have to feel angry, but still smile through clenched teeth, we would suggest to you, as many of you know, that sends impulses to your brain, which sends different information out through your neurons, which is then shifts your vibrational stance in the world. We would say smile your way through the day! Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smile ridiculously crazy while you’re driving yourself to work or while you’re on the train or the bike. Smile whenever you can. Make connection with people and smile at them. See what comes back to you, for as you have a smile on your face and you have that countenance of joy, what it does is shift others peoples other people’s vibrational stance as well, which should then creates a feedback mechanism for you so vibrationally you become uplifted as well. You may even find yourself smiling at ridiculous moments. Smiling at times when you think, “This is not something to smile about.” If you go to the copy machine at work and it’s not working, if you go and find e-mails missing, if you go and find that something’s happened in your home with your pets or your children and it seems like something that perhaps you should be angry about or upset, or it does feel angry and upsetting, take a moment and breathe and then begin smiling, even if you don’t feel like it. It doesn’t even have to be a genuine smile, because what you’re trying to do is change the signals to the brain, which then changes your vibrational stance. This is everything about the vibration that you’re emanating. You don’t even need to feel happy in the moment, but don’t be surprised as you begin to work with this vibrational technology of smiling that your experience of your life changes, that your experience of your self changes. What if, in that moment, where perhaps you would be angry and frustrated, you smile to yourself; perhaps even taking it one step further and chuckle to yourself and you’re shifting your vibrational resonance, which then shifts how you are experiencing your life and your world. Perhaps through that smile you shift your energy and you see a different way to think or respond or to be.

We know that this is a profoundly simple message, in that regard, and yet we would say to you to look at how profound some of the simplest things can be. What if you applied this technology, as we’re calling it, because it’s shifting your vibration of smiling to your life, and things started happening differently? You might change the way you expect life to show up for you.

If you get into your car, as an example, and you know you’re going to run into traffic and you’re thinking about the traffic and how stressful it is and how you barely make it to work on time no matter how early you leave. You start thinking over and over again about then leading to you hate how far away your job is from home and then it goes to all the people that you start disliking at work and how there’s nowhere good near your office that you like to eat lunch and it goes on and on. You can see how this can spin out and spin out and spin out.

What if one day you get into your car and you start finding yourself thinking that, but while you’re thinking it you smile instead? You can still think the same thoughts. We’re not suggesting that you need to change the way you’re thinking, but just smile as your thinking it. Then begin to watch what unfolds after that in terms of your thought processes. What you will find is it becomes almost impossible to think those thoughts you’re thinking that take you down that rabbit hole of negativity and frustration, that contracts your energy field. It doesn’t expand it, that negative thinking contracts your energy field. So continue to think what you’re thinking about your horrible day ahead of you, but smile even if it’s a forced smile as you’re driving to work. See what happens: maybe you notice beautiful clouds in the sky, maybe you notice the smell in the air, maybe you’re thinking about having your break at work with a coworker who you really like. Just play with this technology of smiling and see what can transform in your life.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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