Three Secrets to Unlocking Ease in the Akashic Records

Key in LockYou took the Beginning Akashic Records course. You connected. You overcame your fears. You probably even said to yourself “YES! I got this…I can do this!”

You left the class feeling uplifted, confident and excited to go forth and read the Akashic Records. You might have even thought you were going to save the world with the Akashic Records. I know. This is how I felt at the end of my first Akashic Records training.

Then LIFE came in, right? You went back to work. You got into the family routine again. Each day you might have said to yourself that you were going to open your records, keep practicing. After all, “Holly said that we need to practice,” you might say to yourself!

Enough time has probably gone by that you are not sure if it was all a dream or if you really can do it. Perhaps some of your doubts have returned since you have not been active in your Akashic Records.

Ready for a Restart?

Here are my three “secrets” to getting back into your Akashic Records feeling confident, successful and even willing to dive in again.

Number One: DO IT!

Just open your Akashic Records again. Drag out your copy of the Pathway Prayer Process©, read the prayer and just sit there. No questions. No answers.
Just sit and remember this:
• This is YOUR space. Your personal space that is all about you as the Soul on it journey through many experiences.
• Your team is here. Your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones are here. Period. They are never too busy, on a break, or tied up somewhere else. Connect with them, even if you imagine your connection.
• Love is here for you in this space. Not just love, but the BIG kind of love: Unconditional Love. The kind of Love that does not care about your body, how much money you make, if you were patient enough with your kids, or if you are thriving in your job. Here you are loved simply because you are YOU! Here in the Akashic Records you are enough on all levels. BASK IN THIS!
• Free yourself from judgment: good vs bad, right vs wrong, success vs. failure. All that judgmental self-talk is gone. Open yourself and breathe deeply as the constriction of constant judgment melts away and you can just BE.

Number Two: K.I.S.S.

Have you heard about the K.I.S.S.? Keep It Simple, Silly

I know you want to ask all the BIG questions of your life. “What is my Soul’s Purpose?” “How do I forgive all the abusers in my childhood?” “Why can’t I break through to the next level in my career?”

Keep. It. Simple. Here’s how:
• Ask about less important things in your life. Can you save the “biggies” for when your Akashic Muscles are a bit stronger? What are some less charged items you can ask about while you are growing as reader?
• Break the big questions down into smaller chunks. What are some of the aspects of the BIGGIES that can be addressed on your way to looking at the big picture?
• Go in with one question at a time. Be clear. Open your records. Ask your questions. Receive the guidance. Close your records. Leave on a high note. Don’t get suckered into asking more and more and more questions. Leave with success and let your Akashic Endurance grow over time.

Number Three: Act Like the Akasha

Remember the two foundational energies in the Akasha?
1. Unconditional Love
2. Freedom from Judgment

Can you go into your Records and be just as kind, loving and non-judgmental about how you are doing, the quality of information, and how transformed you feel as the energy of the Akasha is?

Can it be enough for you to take the time to read the prayer, get in your records, ask the questions, receive whatever you get (even if it feels a lot like “nothing”), close your records and trust that it was meaningful?

Can you give yourself a High Five for just doing it? I will give you one!

Why? Because I know…I KNOW…that just the act of choosing to open your records and hanging out in there is transforming. I KNOW that it is your birthright to be there and I KNOW the energy of the Akasha is a potent force to allow us to just be, connect, breathe and feel the Truth of who we are.

The deeper parts of us get this.
It may not be fully on the surface on our consciousness, but the Truth is what transforms.

I lovingly encourage you to try my three “secrets”:
• K.I.S.S.
• Act Like the Akasha

Let me know how this helps you grow in the Akasha by commenting below. I love to hear how you are doing and offer up the support you desire.
by Holly Hawkins Marwood

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