Savor Your Akashic Record Readings

elegant-fall-dinner-setting-7278068One question I receive more than any other about Akashic Record Readings is a version of this: “I feel I am not getting anything when I go into my Akashic Records. Am I not supposed to be in my records at all? Am I not supposed to get an answer to this question now? Do I have a block about this issue I want to know about?” There are many variations to these questions, but they all revolve around the same underlying theme: not feeling as if you are getting the guidance, answers, direction, or healing you are seeking from being in your Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are a very subtle energy field and they require a subtlety in how you interact with them. One suggestion I have for you is to begin to savor the moments in your Akashic Records as if you are enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime meal!

Imagine yourself in front of your favorite food, prepared and set before you in the most sumptuous way by the top chef in the world. What would you do? Most likely you would look at the beautifully appointed table with its stunning place settings, candles, flowers and other adornments. Pulling the gorgeous napkin that was elegantly folded on the plate before you, you feel the soft and gentle texture of the fabric. Your eyes slowly take in the beauty of the setting and the food in front of you. You appreciate all the beautiful colors and textures of the food you are about to eat. You deeply breathe in the aroma of all the tastes your tongue will soon enjoy. Taking your fork in hand, feeling the cool metal between your fingers, you put a small amount of this delicacy into your mouth and hold it there, allowing all the goodness to seep into your being through the delectable taste. Each bite becomes a first bite when your senses are fully alive to how blissful it all tastes. Through each course you feel the same focus, engaging all of your senses, awake and alive. At the end you feel deeply grateful to have had this experience that lovingly assaulted all of your senses.

Are you wondering what this has to do with your experiences in the Akashic Records?

How you move into and settle into your Akashic Records is how you will proceed through your records. Can you take the glorious description above and apply it to your experience in the records? What would that look like for you?

Prior to opening your records you remind yourself of what you are about to do: to be with the sacred space of you: your Akashic Field. There is nothing more complete and whole that represents you than your Akashic Records. With that in mind, pay full attention to each detail of the Pathway Prayer while you are reading it. Can you feel the words you are reading? Can you be fully present to any sensation you are experiencing as you make your way through the prayer?

Once you have opened your records, activate all your senses, as you would have with the meal, and become attentive to subtleties in who you are, your Akashic Records. As you pay close attention to what you are hearing, seeing behind your closed eyes, feeling in your body, sensing with your emotions can you begin to see and feel more? Slow down to expand your awareness through your senses when you first get in there and savor the moment. Savor the awareness of where you are in your perfection. Breathe into the space of you.

As you take in your Akashic surroundings draw your awareness to your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. What kind of sight, feeling, sound, awareness do they bring to you? Breathe in, allow and notice more.

When you slow down and savor the first moments you are in your Akashic Records you can notice the subtleties of this field, just as you would notice the subtleties in a special meal. When you are ready to ask questions you can slow down to notice the subtleties in the guidance you are receiving. Sometimes the response is subtle: so subtle it feels like you, like you have always thought or felt that way. Perhaps the subtlety is in how obvious the response or action is. Perhaps the response is in the relief you feel, the release of stress, or the gentle smile you find on your lips as you say “of course!”

I invite you to savor the way you open your Akashic Records and then how you ask and receive the responses in your records to see what more is possible for you with each and every reading you do for you….or for others!

Let me know how this works for you in your Akashic Record Readings. Share your experiences in the comment are below with others so we can all benefit!

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