Generating Resilience while Riding Life’s Roller Coaster!

Generating Resilience while Riding Life’s Roller Coaster!

What is Resilience?

Here’s what the dictionary tells us is the definition of the word resilience:

  • the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens
  • the ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc.

The word resilience is a powerful word for us as human beings. After all, everyone experiences some of those “bad things” or those times in life where we feel like the human Gumby, being pulled, stretch, pressed and bent in all kinds of directions. Those challenges are deeply personal and we respond to each of them in our unique way. Something that is challenging or feels badly to me might be the thing that is so simple and easy to you that you can’t imagine why I am upset or stressed.

Life’s Surprises

Feeling pulled, stretched and pressed by events in life can come from outside of ourselves like a relationship ending suddenly, being “down-sized” in your job, a serious health diagnosis delivered by your health professional or a natural disaster that you never could have anticipated. We can also feel pulled apart by events that result in the deep emotional wounds that we have experienced in life.

The World Comes Crashing In

Not matter what the event, whether it comes from inside or outside of our scope of “control” in our life, we have all experienced those moments when we felt as if the world was coming to an end the way we had known it. You can be left feeling alone, uncertain, confused and paralyzed to know which way to turn or move next.

I imagine that you can relate to some of what I am referring to and if you have been on this planet, in a human body, no doubt, you would have experienced at least one of these uncomfortable moments. Yet, here you are! You have made it!

Your Signature Resilience

So how did you do it? How did you get to where you are now? How have you discovered your resilience? In your unique way you have moved through it with your own signature resilience.

Knowing that the energy of resilience is a powerful energy to get you through the tough times, the next most obvious question is: how can you connect deeply with this energy? The energy that supports you in becoming healthy, strong and successful again. The energy that gives you the ability to return to your original, or even better, shape than ever before!

Grow Your Resilience through the Akashic Records

Using the transformative energy of the Akasha can help you get your mojo back in record time! Here are some recommendations I have for you to play with in your records to help move you from paralyzed to resilient, from fearful to uplifted, from sinking to buoyant once again.

Open your Akashic Records. Settle in. Then begin with these steps:

  1.  Share Your Experience:
    a. Begin telling the experience you had or are in the middle of that has been upsetting, traumatizing, scary, shocking or the like. Explain all of it in great detail, adding in how you felt about it all. You don’t need to ask any questions nor receive any answers at this point. You want to simply be in the space of your experience, not anyone else’s.
    b. As you share your experience you don’t need to justify yourself, make yourself or other wrong with what they “should” have done, or what you “could” have done. None of that matters.
    c. Telling your story begins to shift the energies you have to what your experience has been.
    d. When you feel done with the story of your experience you may begin to feel better. You may have had some insights come forward.
    e. I have found that I might take a deep breath as if the burden I had been carrying was lifting. Sometimes I can perceive a lightness to my being. Sometimes I might cry, feel angry or emotional in my retelling..all of that is good! It is releasing and transforming.
    f. When you feel your story is complete, close your records and return to your day. Notice you were not asking questions nor seeking answers.
  2. The next day repeat the same process. Some of the parts to the story might be the same and some new or forgotten details might surface. Your feelings might shift and morph into new ones.
    a. Observe the ways you might feel the same as the day before and the ways you feel differently.
  3. Keep doing this for several days or weeks, if need be and see how this begins shifting the energy of the trauma and upset into a new energy of resilience! Remembering that you want to support yourself through the experience of the trauma and upset to get back to feeling “strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happened.”

My Experience

I have been playing with this in my Akashic Records and it has been profoundly shifting my energies, my emotions and my opinions around events that have happened in my life, some as many as over 50 years ago!

Transformed by the Story

What I love about this experience is that we are not looking for an answer, which we love to do. We feel that the knowing of the “why”, “how come”, “why me” will soothe us. Sometimes we will never know the “why” and often knowing the “why” does not shift our trauma at all.

Go Ahead, Tell Your Story. Your Story Transforms YOU!

So I invite you to be fully with yourself, tell the story of your human experience. Let the energy of the Akasha support and transform you and see what magic will begin happening in your life.

If you have any questions about this, please ask in the comment box below and I will get back to you right away!

I love to hear what your experiences are in the Akashic Records this way, please share those as well below.

We all benefit from each other as we grow together.

Akashic Blessings,

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