STOP Bullying & Other Family Stresses



Bullying is National News These Days

It seems rampant on school playgrounds, in the office and, sadly, even in families. It is hard to know if the occurrence of bullying is higher or if there is more awareness of it due to our increased access to information.

It is Very Stressful

Regardless of the trend in bullying, if you are a parent whose child is experiencing bullying you know how distressing that can be. You feel helpless since you cannot follow your kid around school all day! Sure, you can speak to the teacher, principal, the yard supervisors and even the parents of the bully, yet none of that is a guarantee that the bullying will stop. Often it can escalate the experience of bullying!

Your Child Will Change

In the meantime you might see your child changing before your eyes from a confident, vibrant child to one that is withdrawn and defensive. As a parent this can be devastating because of your inability to protect them every moment of every day.

A Couple of Ways to Help

You might feel that your child will need to learn about bullies eventually because they will encounter them their whole lives. You could teach them to defend themselves in non-violent ways and even have them take some self-defense or martial arts classes.

The Whole Family Feels It

No matter what this can leave you sad, demoralized and disempowered about what your child is experiencing. You don’t want them to be traumatized, negatively impacted and scarred for life. This can create so much stress for you as a parent, for your child who is being bullied, and it will affect the entire family. The energy of the bullying ripples through everyone in the family!

More Family Stresses

On top of this bullying scenario, each family today encounters so many stresses in their every day lives with busy schedules, homework, school projects (that require parental involvement!…yep, I’ve “been there, done that”!), dinner time meltdowns, sports, music, dance, exercise, down time, family time, house cleaning and more….Whew! It feels exhausting and stressful just to type the list out and many of you deal with so much more!

How to Navigate All of It?

How do you learn to navigate all that life brings to you and your family? Is your family life what is happening or is it happening to you? How much do you feel in control or simply in the reactive mode, putting out one fire only to find another one just erupted…..until you fall into bed at night?!?

What’s the Solution to creating a family life of ease? Clarity? Flow?

You want to shift up the energies!

Now, hang in there with me… I will explain. Of course you have a lot going on. Of course you don’t feel that you can cut out all activities, you can’t quit your job, nor can you give your kids back to the Stork! (Just a joke there!)

Try an Energy Tool!

What you are experiencing are energies that are running wild and out of balance. If they were in balance you would feel more ease & flow amidst all of it. So instead of considering quitting your job or taking your kids out of their soccer and music lessons, what about using an energy tool to help you, to support you in creating a different flow of energy in your life to really affect a change in your entire family…in every single member of your household, including your pets?

For the Whole Family

Sounds incredible, right? Spend 4 hours with us…in fact, have your whole family spend just 4 hours with us, online, while you are comfy at home, and learn an incredible energy tool that will support you in living beyond the wild ride of the 21st century family!

Harmony Can Prevail

It does not need to be about paring down, slowing down and eliminating things from your life. Work with the energies so the flow is there, where harmony and balance prevail and “bedtime crazy” is replaced with flow and ease.

The Universal Sphere® is this super simple energy tool that your whole family can learn!

Children Learn Faster than Their Parents!

In fact, children learn it more easily than their parents! They are naturals at working with energy! This will empower everyone in your family to help each other out, to smooth the rough edges and participate in family harmony.

This has been a game changer for the families who have learned the Universal Sphere!

As we say, “The Family that Spheres Together is in Harmony Together!”

For more information about the Universal Sphere® and the next online course, please click here:Universal Sphere180x150 Universal Sphere Rocks!


Holly 2013Holly Hawkins Marwood is an Advanced Akashic Records Instructor and Reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. She believes that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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