What is the Soul Purpose of Relationships?

I always try to look at everything from the perspective of my higher self and my Soul.

This has many benefits:

  • It helps me not get affected or lost in my emotions
  • It helps me stay open to solutions and other ideas that I may not have considered
  • It helps me tap into a much wiser source of information that extends beyond what my limited mind will go to

Those points being said, I wish to talk about the purpose of Relationships from the aspect of your Soul. Our Soul is infinite, ever-growing, and ever exploring as a unique expression of consciousness. Our consciousness exists in the higher realms. We choose to come down to this earth 3/4D plane and experience density, duality, and contrast of this dimension so that we can more rapidly learn and evolve. This earth is, as my Father-In-Law calls it, “the schoolhouse for the Soul“.

So in the higher dimensions we decide to experience this dimension, we make a plan on what experiences we wish to experience, we make agreements with other Souls to come together and love, hate, work, and co-create within our journey on 3D earth.

To accelerate our development even faster we have relationships. Some relationships are a lot of fun and some are a lot of work. From the Soul’s point of view, all is good, as everything is simply a play of consciousness anyway, and if you are infinite then time is not an issue.

To keep this short, let’s consider only the challenging relationships. (I will describe the others in another post.)

Challenging Relationships

When you enter into a relationship with someone else you are mirrors for each other. At a Soul level each will play out the others troubles, weaknesses, push your buttons etc. As humans, this causes us to experience emotions and often we don’t like what we experience.

This is when it is vital to step back and take a larger view. Take charge of your own life and your own experiences and your own emotions. Remember your partner cannot make you feel happy or sad, only YOU can make yourself feel happy or sad. They are YOUR emotions.

So when your partner does something that pushes your buttons, take a moment to take a breath. Don’t get angry or upset with them. Instead, thank them for showing you what you need to work on for yourself. Remember many of us have childhood baggage or issues that we have not addressed and when our partner reflects those issues back at us we feel the pain and emotion. That is the perfect time to do inner work to understand what is creating that emotion within you and heal and release it. When we get clear, heal and release our baggage or hurt, then you will find those patterns no longer repeat.

At a fundamental level, everything is a frequency including the energy that is flowing through and around us. Our “Energy Blocks”, as we may call them, are simply stagnantly stored energy at a frequency that no longer serves us. It holds us back vibrationally from being what we want to be.

Helping Ourselves The Easy Way

Now we can work on this the long and hard way, but Holly and I have found that the Universal Sphere® (a new, next-generation multi-dimensional energy modality) is a very quick and easy way to help us shift and clear these emotions that we carry with us until we release them.

The Universal Sphere® is a tool that has been given to us now to help us in this time of Ascension, a time of going inward, the time of connecting to our true Soul and Soul’s purpose, and a time of releasing our baggage so that we can be unencumbered and consciously evolve.

This is a powerful tool and teaches us to operate in the realm of our Universal Self, and create from the heart not from the mind and ego. It also helps us to live outside of the realm of duality, and this is in enormous the helpful when in a challenging relationship.

Some of our practitioners have said how enormously helpful the Universal Sphere® has been in improving their relationships, some have even said that it has saved their marriage. Powerful statement!

Another advantage of the Universal Sphere® is that it is quick and easy to learn. You can learn to do the Universal Sphere® for yourself and others in just 4 hours. We teach this online so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home.


Paul Marwood is an international speaker, teacher, practicing healer, and guide. He is a co-Founder of the Universal Sphere and 4 Soul Activations, and a certified Akashic Record reader.

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