What’s Right About Me? Up-Ending Your Inner Critic

What’s Right About Me?

We are all so familiar with being hard on ourselves, being over-critical and even downright mean to ourselves…in our heads. Right? Have you ever caught that sneaky Inner Critic undermining you, doubting you and keeping you small? Your Inner Critic gets at you through all those unconscious thoughts that roll around in your head while you are doing other things and especially when you are working towards making new headway in your life. We can easily take ourselves down a rabbit hole of feeling not good enough on so many levels!

Your Inner Critic is Sneaky!

What is such a challenge about the Inner Critic is that it sounds like us! Yes, it does! It would be so much easier if our Inner Critic had an accent from another part of the country or the world. We would notice more. But, alas, our inner critic sounds…just…like…us.

Why is it a problem?

#1, because it sounds exactly like our voice we don’t notice it tearing us down, keeping us from thriving, or holding us in the life-long pattern we are working on clearing from our life!
And, #2, we take it a lot more personally when it sounds like us. We have less resistance to our own voice and believe it a whole lot more. For example, if my Inner Critic sounded like Mickey Mouse or the Terminator I would notice! I would be shocked at who was in my head, take notice a LOT sooner, and tell that voice how wrong they are, that they are crazy or simply to get out of my head and bother someone else, right?

And when you listen subconsciously over and over again you continue your reality, despite all your best efforts to make great changes in your life.
Here’s What You Can Do About This!

You can silence your Inner Critic with this great experience in the Akashic Records, which will open your energy up to new experiences, ones where you can truly see change happening, new possibilities, and feel more confident in getting rid of your old, stuck patterns.

With Your Akashic Records Open
  • Connect deeply with your Akashic Space and Your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones. Open your awareness to the profound love and freedom from judgment in this area.
    (Your Inner Critic thrives on judgment so hanging out in your Akashic Records is the first step to silencing it!!)
  • Bring this first thought and question to mind: What is right about me? (Mega-Powerful Question!) Sit with the energy of the question; allow the question to expand the energy of you. Remember, with the question you are opening yourself up to new energies and new possibilities. The answer does not bring the newness to you, the question does.
  • Does asking this question feel good? What begins to bubble up? It might be a feeling in your body, a memory, an emotion….open to allowance of the energy of “what is right about you”.
  • Bring to mind all your accomplishments, how you help and serve others, the way you show up for you and others…whatever comes up.
    • Recall all the times you have worked hard and it paid off, which means you are dedicated.
    • Recall the times you have shown up to support others because of your deep love and care, which means you have a generous heart.
    • Recall the times when you doubted you and you did it anyway, which means you are persistent and courageous.
    • Recall the times you could stand in love when others weren’t treating you in a loving way, which means you hold tremendous love energy.
    • Sit in this energy for as long as you wish. Steep yourself in “What Is Right About You”. If your Inner Critic shows up in that space, ask them to leave! They are not allowed in this space.
    • Allow your awareness to profoundly expand into What Is Right About You.
    • Close Your Records
The Power of This Experience

When you are willing to see the goodness of you, what is right about you, you expand that energy in your life and you change. You can transform our life by focusing on what is right. And doing this in the Akashic Records transforms you faster!

We know what it is like when we focus on what is wrong with us. In fact, we are masters of that already. Have you made profound changes in your life by focusing on your faults and short-comings? Probably not.

Try this experience regularly and see how your Inner Critic changes! You are simply changing your focus, in your Akashic Records, to those long ignored amazing parts of you!

When you do this regularly you rework your pattern of self-criticism and turn it into self-praise, self-acceptance, and even self-love. Isn’t this something we are all craving?! Your Inner Critic can turn into your Inner Cheerleader!

For Maximum Impact

To get the most out of this experience try this for 21 or 40 Days straight. It does not have to take a lot of time each day. The power of consistency is tremendous. You will see changes you have been waiting years for! After all, what have you got to lose? Firing your Inner Critic will be one of the most liberating things you can do in your life….getting you closer every day to living the life you are here to live!
I can’t wait to hear how this is going for you!

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