Forget Resolutions! Do This Instead!

Are you OVER them too?

I bet most of you are on the same page I am about New Year’s Resolutions….you are feeling “over” them! We all know it is easy to make a new resolve on the first day or first month of the year, then lose focus and not follow through. This is a trap that breeds disappointment and reinforces our feelings of not being “good enough” and coming to believe we are doomed to repetitive cycles of mediocrity.

How Change Really Happens

The reality is that most of our real change happens, not in the first month of the year, but in every day and in every moment. Every moment contains the energy of choice and each choice sets up our energy field for our sense of success and/or failure. Our lives are created by all the small moments, which happen all day, every day. The good news is that each and every choice is made in our now, not waiting for circumstances to change, “when” other things line up or when other people in our lives do things differently.

Skip the Resolutions and Go Directly Here

My suggestion is to make 2018 Resolution-Free AND a great year in spite of it!

Here are a couple of my “go to” things to do in my Akashic Records at the beginning of the year…and any day throughout the year to get into a high vibe and exceptional point of view about myself. This expands my vibration and allows me to BE more and create more in my life!

It Always Begins with This:

Open your Akashic Records, Settle in, Connect with your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones….

  1. Reflect on the year that has gone by or the past month, the past week or even the past day and feel what has gone right:
    1. What decisions have you made that have been great?
    2. What accomplishments are “wins” in your life today?
    3. Reflect, make a list, add to it, embellish it with details that are your successes.
    4. Allow yourself to celebrate all the “part way” points, even if you are not fully “there” yet. Celebrating your successes along the way provides you with greater energy, inertia and flow towards your goals and desires.
    5. WHY THIS IS BENEFICIAL: Slowing down to truly acknowledge your progress and your successes reinforces them in your vibratory field, which increases their “permanence” in your life experience. When you do this in your Akashic Records, it is even better! As a society we are constantly driven to the next goal, the next milestone and the next accomplishment and rarely take the time to slow down, acknowledge ourself, our efforts and our successes.
  2. Consider all that is “right” about you. All of it, including all of the things you take for granted. It is easy to look at what is wrong with what you are doing (or not doing) and be critical of yourself for it. And, let’s be honest, haven’t you been hard on yourself for years, and maybe even decades, and some things have not changed? How about trying the opposite for a while: consider what is good, right, amazing and unique about you and celebrate all of this in your Akashic Records!I love to make lists of these things. I do it in my Akashic Records journals, because I am in them all the time, but I have also made lists of my good qualities, capabilities and attributes and posted them next to my desk, where I spend a great deal of my waking time. I can see them over and over again. I can read them to myself or use them as a set of mantras to reinforce these energies in my life.
    1. As you are seeking and allowing for all that is right, good and successful about you, you are magnifying that energy in your energy field and in your life.
      As the saying goes “What you focus on expands”.
      If you desire a better life, pay attention to the good stuff that is happening….now….and every day.
    2. As you do this in your Akashic Records you will find these positive thoughts and feelings sneaking into your every day life…into your thoughts and feelings throughout your day, even when you are not in your Akashic Records!
Try This, Then Keep Doing It!

Try these two experiences in your Akashic Records. Do this often to create some strong, clear new energies for the New Year….and do this often so you can ride the wave of these good, new energies throughout the entire year…not just in the first few days, week or month of the New Year.

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