Solution Energy Abounds!

Solution Energy Abounds?…What?…Huh?

A solution is the means to solving a problem or dealing with a challenging situation, right? It could be any problem. It could be super simple or a big ginormous one, but what we know is when we connect with the solution to our problem we are on our way, we are on a roll and the problem will soon be resolving itself.

Discovering the solution means relief, in one way or another!

Some Solutions are Easier than Others

I am not sharing today to chat about the easy solutions to problems like this one: you cannot wash your veggies in the sink because it is filled with dirty dishes! Easy solution: wash your dishes! This is easy. Obvious. Clear. This problem simply requires a bit of action on your part, but it is not hard. Most likely the solution will not challenge you to find new ideas, resources, or step outside of your box. These solutions are close at hand and will not stump you…unless, of course, you hate washing dishes, which may be why your sink is filled with dishes … but that is another story!

Solutions that are Hard to Discover

Sometimes we have much bigger issues in our lives than getting our veggies washed in a dirty sink.

Sometimes we have tried and tried to
♥ resolve relationships
♥ heal our bodies
♥ get clear on our path in life or
♥ bring in the money we need or desire in our lives

and we just have not gotten there yet. These bigger issues we have, the ones that seem to keep us on the hamster wheel of life, can have far less obvious solutions.

I have seen many people feel that because their problem seems to have no solution they feel as if
♥ they are being punished in some way or another
♥ they have some really bad karma and are not “allowed” to be successful
♥ they are going to give up on trying for the life of their dreams

It does not need to be this way…this is where my personal favorite comes flying onto the scene…ta da…SOLUTION ENERGY!

Here it is in a nutshell.
Solution Energy is energy from the Field of Unlimited Possibilities that tells us that there IS a solution for every problem we have…even if we have not connected with that solution…yet!

What Does That Mean for Me & My Stuckness?

Often when we get stuck we are in a state of conclusions. We may have decided that a solution or answer has to come in a certain way. We are waiting for it to come that one way and that is when the problems happen.

What if the Universe has another plan in mind? What if the solution is possible for you, but not in the way you are expecting?

There are answers and solutions to everything.

As we consider and allow for the possibility of Solution Energy to come in and provide us a new pathway, point of view or answer we had no idea was out there, our energy opens up. Our energy begins to flow in an outward trajectory, taking us on a journey into the unknown and into the nooks and crannies of the Universe where we can discover many things we did not even know existed! There are untold answers to our conundrums.
Solution energy abounds! #solutionenergyabounds

Three simple steps to start working with Solution Energy:
  • Become aware of decisions and limitations you have placed on how solutions can show up for you. Have you reached conclusions that it can only happen one way and you are trying really hard to force it to happen that way…and it is just not happening?Might there be another way the Universe can assist you in resolving the problem, even if you are not aware of that clear pathway at this moment in time?Expand your awareness and ask yourself this question: How can I be Solution Energy and open up to more possibilities than I ever have known was possible? Am I willing to be surprised by an even better answer or solution that I have not even imagined?
  • Look for the Early Responses: Now that your energies are opening up to new possibilities, open them even more so you can see all of the synchronicities & nuances that your solution is on its way, even if you have not fully manifested all you desire at this moment.Are you noticing things on social media, things your friends say or conversations you overhear that are completely aligned and pointing you in a new direction? Are you “tripping” into the right piece of information at the right time that is propelling you along in a new way?These are evidence that your energy is shifting as you are shifting with the Solution Energy! Celebrate!
  • Be Ready to Act & Respond. Solution Energy can come in as a process or an experience that you are going to need to be in action around. The solution you are seeking might connect you with something new to learn, a new way of healing, or unexpected actions to take you in the direction of your dream.Are you ready to DO IT? Are you ready to see that what is coming your way is the Energy of Solution you have been asking for? Be in Action to see the new experience of life.

I have been amazed about what has shown up in my life in truly miraculous way when I have no idea what the “answer” or “solution” should be. I allowed myself and my awareness to be in the fun and excitement of the many ways the Universe is a Field of Unlimited Possibilities, waiting to show me more than I could ever imagine!

Here’s My Solution Energy “Cheat”

Let me share with you my biggest secret in connecting and living in the Field of Infinite Possibilities. I use the Universal Sphere®. I have been using the Universal Sphere for over 6 years straight now and it gives me that daily boost to move into that magical place of seeing that Solution Energy Abounds (#solutionenergyabounds).

It is so quick and easy. I can even do it when I am in a coffee shop, sitting on an airplane, in a crowded shop, or by myself in nature. It does not require any equipment and very little learning to master this experience of “energetic duct tape”: you can use it on anything!

If you wish to have that same experience of consciously playing in the Field of Infinite Possibilities with Solution Energy you can read and watch all about it on our website here. And we teach people how to access this field in one short class just about every month. You don’t have to wait long at all! Find out more about our Universal Sphere classes here.

I can’t wait to hear what happens for you as you connect more and more with Solution Energy!

Learn the Universal Sphere® for yourself, family, home, business & more! Learn the Universal Sphere®

Holly Hawkins Marwood is one of the co-founders of the Universal Sphere® & channel for Ishtara, who brought this to us. . Holly & her husband, Paul, both offer Universal Sphere sessions and teach people all over the planet each and every month! Soul Genesis.

© 2018 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

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