High Council of Orion Attunement for Embodied Ascension

Do you experience mood swings, irritability, feeling tired or out of sorts when the portals are open, there is lunar or solar activity, or with an eclipse as we did in recent days?

Even if you don’t, we highly recommend you ask the High Council of Orion for an Attunement.

Here are some great reasons to call on the energetic wisdom & guidance from the High Council of Orion:

  1. The High Council of Orion are ascension guides (the good guys, not the bad guys of Orion). They have guided ascension many many times in many realms and are here to help us now, just like our Grandparents would help, with wisdom, but we need to do it for ourselves. Click Here for a video where they describe who they are.
  2. Both Holly and I ask for attunements often once a day and the benefits we have experienced since we started asking is many fold. We are much less challenged by the solar/lunar activity. Our bodies are happier with the constant shift in energies as everything on the planet is constantly raising in vibration and consciousness.
  3. In the audio below the High Council of Orion explain that they only come in when we ask, and then make small refining adjustments to our physical and energetic bodies to bring them into greater balance, to more gracefully move us through whatever moment we find ourself in, much like we do when we take our car to the workshop for a tune up.
  4. This is free and has great benefits! You can ask for an attunement at any time of the day, at any place, and as often as you like.

Simply click on the button below to listen to and download this audio. We encourage you to exercise your own evaluation on how much better you feel after asking for attunements on a regular basis.

Further channeled information about the Attunement can be found here http://soul-genesis.com/high-council-of-orion-attunements-20th-june-2014/

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