Why We Heal in Layers

I recently received a wonderful message in my Akashic Records when I asked about why we need to heal in layers! I bet you have wondered the same thing: why do we need to keep peeling the onion and why can’t we just get to the center nugget immediately? Sometimes this “healing” of all of our perceived unhealed parts is like a slow pull of a bandage! OUCH!What I heard/received while in my own records was this:

  • You have your human perspective so it makes sense to want to pull that bandage off quickly…. get to the core immediately.
  • We hold the bigger picture of you and your Soul’s journey and we understand the reasons why and the value of each stage along the way. Each stage comes with gifts. Enjoy them.
  • As each layer is pulled back, notice who you are becoming and how you are growing in each and every moment. Savor each step of your unfolding. Rest in the new vibration you hold and acknowledge the changes. Take time to honor your willingness to “go there” in your transformation. You have made efforts, opened yourself to new potentials and possibilities. Rest in those experiences without feeling you have to barrel on down the road to the next one immediately.

Here are some suggestions that will help you:

  1. Trust in the process
  2. Trust in us: your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones
  3. Allow for each layer of healing to take place for you to be ready for the next layer
  4. See this as an empowering process of engaging and consciously interacting with your transformation.
  5. If the process was fast, quick, and all at once, you would not be in vibrational alignment with the changes and they would not “stick” the same way. You are ready for lasting change.
  6. Celebrate the unfolding of each layer. Savor the moment. Allow the new vibrations to wash over and through you. Own them. Own your part in the creation of a new paradigm that you were consciously and intentionally bringing to life in your life.

I love the confidence, clarity and reassurance the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones can share with us. I would love to hear your feelings on this message!

Abundant Love to each and every one of you!


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