Expect Easy

Implement the energy of “Expect Easy” and see the changes that will ripple through your life!

Remember the Staples ad from years ago with the big red button and someone saying “That was easy!”? It was a powerful ad campaign and many people used that phrase in plenty of areas in our lives, aside from when they were shopping for office supplies!

Fast forward to now and, globally, we are in the middle of some historically challenged times on many levels. The collective energy is thick with confusion, stress and uncertainty. We can feel lost with how hard life might feel now. This colors every aspect of our lives, magnifying the energy of difficulty. Basically, it is easy to be in the energy of how hard life feels right now.

So how do you get out of this old energy pattern?

How do you shift the tide when you feel that the tide is overwhelming you with its power?

Starting expecting what you wish to experience! Sounds simple…perhaps too simple, but as you begin to expect “that was easy” you begin to magnetize “easy” to you!

Bear with me. This is a vibrational thing…not just a positive thinking thing.
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I’ve been playing with this idea after Ishtara* spoke to me about it in the past months. It has made a huge difference for me! Now I am compelled to share it with all of you. Perhaps it will give you the same uplift it has given me in my life.

Your Thoughts Become Things

You are expert in the realm of personal transformation (you would not be here reading this if you weren’t!) so you already know that your thoughts (and beliefs) create, color and filter your world. As you’ve surely heard many times over: Your thoughts become things. This is not a new concept for many of us, but how much do we take that awareness and actually use it to our advantage in cultivating change?

We’re also conditioned to believe that “hard work” is where the all benefits are in life! We use our “hard work” all the time to justify our lives. Begin paying attention to what you say and what others say. You’ll notice a constant undercurrent of “whew, that was hard work!” whether it was a successful endeavor or one that did not produce the desired results.

We thrive on the energy of Hard Work! We wear are “working hard” badges on our chest like medals of honor.

Here’s Where We Shift this…

Our awakening is asking us to change our lives and change our relationship to our deeply held beliefs, both personally and collectively.

Reaping the Benefits of Expecting Easy

One of the best ways to create change is to shift energies by doing the opposite! Hence, we can begin to Expect Easy
(stop focusing on how hard everything is)!

Here’s How You Begin

Your “Easy” experiences do not have to come first. In fact, you begin by expecting life to be easy first, even if you still see and experience “hard”. You may not have any historical reference for this in your life, but you can still expect it to be easy. Initially, you will be overcoming the inertia of your pre-existing patterns, but you will also begin to see where things start to flow with more ease as you consistently Expect Easy!

Here are some examples as you Expect Easy:
  • You get into a meeting that is typically hard or stressful and find things went more smoothly than ever before.
  • If you have a challenge getting out of the house on time, perhaps you suddenly see yourself being organized in a new way and flowing out of the house with ease!
  • As you “Expect Easy” daily chores that you resist happen with flow, ease and success! Like: cleaning out a closet, yard work, cleaning the bathrooms, catching up on filing or paying bills! (you know, all that human stuff we always need to accomplish!)

This works because your expectations are shifting your energies first! As your energies shift the energies around you shift, resulting in new experiences.

We’ve had lots of practice with life being hard. Let’s begin to create a new paradigm of life being easy!

Who’s ready to commit to Expecting Easy and seeing the benefits of it? Please share your experiences and how you applied this idea. We will all benefit from it!

*Ishtara: An energetic guide I channel who has been an integral part of my life for almost 9 years. She was the one who taught us the Universal Sphere® that we have been teaching internationally for over 8 years!

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