Creepy Feelings Be Gone!

We’ve all experienced this….walking into someone’s home, business, or even a public place and you just. feel. uncomfortable. You have no idea what it is, but you don’t want to stay so you look for a way to get out of there (politely) as soon as you can! You can feel this when walking into a whole building or just one room. When was the last time this happened to you?

When a place feels creepy, crawly you might decide that you don’t like the design look, or smell, or something like that. Energy aware people might wonder if there are ghosts or non-physical beings there who are changing the energy of the room and making it uncomfortable!

No matter what and how you process the energy, your spidey senses are telling you that this room, home or place is NOT the place to hang out!

What do you do about it?
  1. Honor your intuitive sense that there is something, some energy, in the space that is not aligned to you. That is really what this is all about. Those creepy and unsettled feelings are telling you that the energy in the space is not a vibrational match. (This also means that not everyone will feel the same way about the room or space as you! They may be a vibrational match for the space and feel quite comfortable in it.)
  2. Bring in Solutions (if you can, of course. Not everyone will love you whipping out your sage, lighting it up and waving it around!) Here are some ways that you can make a positive impact – some subtle and some not so subtle. Use these at your discretion depending on where you are.
    1. Turn on lights & open the windows: These are two simple ways to move energy with light and flow of the air. These create energetic movement opening a space of new possibilities.
    2. Light candles & play high vibe music: Again, light and sound are very powerful energy shifters! Have you ever felt warm and cozy with candle light? Candles (even the battery-operated ones) create a welcoming, relaxed ambiance that is yummy and positive. Additionally, sound is vibration so shift the energy by playing music that you consider high vibin’ music. For some, it might mean some energy pumping club tunes that wake up your energies (even making you want to dance like no one is watching!). For some it might be soothing sound tracks of the natural world. Don’t forget the powerful sounds of mantra as well! Turn on Spotify, find your fav tunes and let them shift the energy in the space.
    3. Scent Shifting: There are the good, tried and true methods of incense and high vibe plants that you can infuse into your space. Burn incense, sage, frankincense, palo santo, and copal for super space cleansing action and energy uplifting. Discover what feels good to you.Not everyone likes burning materials in their house; the smoke can be troublesome for some. I often use essential oils in electric diffusers and reed diffusers to keep a constant flow of the high vibe energies, without the smoke.
    4. Energy Shifting: We’re not always in a place to whip out our incense or pump our mantras into a space. Don’t get me wrong. I love all the incenses, oils and mantras, but I am not always in the right place to do those things. When that is the case, it’s great to shift unpleasant vibes in a “stealth” way using energy!There are many energy tools out there to put to work in stealth ways in homes, businesses and more, but my GO TO TOOL is the Universal Sphere.

    3 Key Reasons why the Universal Sphere® is Ideal for bringing in High Vibe Energies into any environment:

    1. The Universal Sphere is super quick & easy to do. It can be done in just a few minutes and BAM the energy is uplifted and shifted. These energies will positively impact every aspect of the space: the space itself, all objects in it and the people in there as well! It leaves no stone unturned!
      (P.S. you can easily excuse yourself to get to the loo and do a stealth sphere from there! After all, no one bothers someone in the bathroom, right?)
    2. The Universal Sphere always brings in the energy of the Highest & Best for all involved. It is a pure, clear energy that will never impact anyone or thing negatively. There are no downsides to bringing in the multi-dimensional energies of the Universal Sphere.
    3. The Universal Sphere can be done over and over again to create an entrainment to a Heart-centered, expanded Field of Infinite Possibilities. This means that you can’t overdo the Universal Sphere and “overload” a space. Whether you wish to up-level your work space, your home environment or your friend’s place, your love and support of creating the best environment possible for everything in it will be rewarded many times over.There is one downside to your undercover energy work: you may not get showered with gratitude you deserve! Unless, of course, your excitement can’t be contained! Then you’d just blurt out that you have been working to change the energies and it seems to be working! Maybe they won’t continue to see you as the “woo woo” one and take all the things you say a bit more seriously!

    Energies matter and the energies in the spaces we inhabit the most impact us! Try out some of these energy shifting suggestion and share what your experiences is.

    To check out the Universal Sphere, find out how you can learn to use it in an infinite number of ways you can click here.
    (spoiler alert: way more than energy shifting in spaces….it is an incomparable energy tool!)

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Holly Hawkins Marwood is a founder of the Universal Sphere, an international channel, and an Akashic
Records Instructor and Reader. She passionately supports her clients, world-wide, in an up-leveled experience of life.
She believes that everyone should know how to manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes and
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