Ishtara – The Potential with the Universal Sphere®

Ishtara – The Potential with the Universal Sphere®
(Channeled transcript from the video above.)
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

Greetings, great beings of light. My name is Ishtara.
Let’s talk today about the potential with the Universal Sphere®.

For as you embody the energies of what’s contained within the Universal Sphere®, what you’re doing is embodying your multidimensional potential, and many of you are striving to climb up that dimensional ladder, correct?

You want to get to 5D, you want to get to beyond 5D because you’re learning about what is available and accessible and potential to embody in those other dimensional realms.

But it’s really important to understand that you’re not trying to move your way through the dimensions as if you each step is an accomplishment.

What you’re doing is working to expand yourself so that in any given moment you have access to the dimensional energies that are required in the moment in time that you find yourself in. So you don’t want to leave any dimensional realities beyond. You want to expand past 3D and 4D, so that you’re encompassing more dimensional reality where you are.

So you don’t have to leave 3D to experience 5D.

You can enhance your experience while you’re in your physicality.

In this dimension, you can enhance the experience by embodying the dimensional realities. And these are not solid realities, right?

These higher dimensional frequencies are not so solid, but they can be realized in your life.

So as you are working with the energy of the Universal Sphere®, you are entraining, you are bringing into your own energetic field your awareness, your experience, so it will impact your physical body. It will impact your mind, your emotions. It will impact every aspect of this life that you have on this planet in this dimension, by immersing yourself in your fullest dimensional potential.

So one does not have to leave behind other dimensional realities. Your greatest experience right here right now is by embodying the wisdom, the intelligence that’s available within the energetic dimensions, the non-physical dimensions, the less solid dimensions. That can still positively impact this experience right now. So there’s nothing to leave. There’s no dimensional reality that you have to leave to get to the next one. This is about expanding your embodiment so you have more choice available.

One way to give an easy example of this is, if you were drawing pictures and you only had particular colored pencils, say a blue pencil, and there’s a lot you could do with that blue pencil, and we’ll call that blue pencil 3D. And maybe somebody is going to give you another pencil that maybe has some green in it, or maybe it’s a blue green.

So you still have 3D in there and you are starting to get to maybe a 4D color.

You can still draw with that and you can still vary what you’re doing with with your illustrations, with the depth and complexity of the the colors that you have available to you. But you don’t need to say I’m done with blue, now give me orange. Because orange is 5D, and I’ve heard that orange is really a great color to work with. You don’t abandon the other colors.

You add in the orange and maybe you then add in the red and the yellow and the purples and all the shades in between, because as you add them in, what you’re doing is richer, it’s more vibrant.

You have more potential and possibility as an illustrator artist than you did if you had one color. And it’s the same kind of idea as you embody more of the dimensional spectrum. There’s more that you can do, you can have a richer experience that’s more aligned with the fullest potential of what you can express. So it’s not leaving something behind, like I can’t use the blue anymore because it’s a 3D color. I want to use orange because it’s the 5D color.

You want to keep expanding so that you have all the colors available.

And that’s exactly what’s happening when you’re working with the Universal Sphere® and you begin to embody it in your life on a regular basis, you’re entraining to that full spectrum of what’s available to you.  And then it allows you to fully express your soul’s potential again because you have more available to you to express with.

And you notice this conversation isn’t talking about anything to do with things that you need to heal or let go of, or patterns that need to stop, or relationships that need to be broken, or jobs that need to be left, you can do this and entrain to this fullest dimensional potential of you, regardless of where you’re at right now.  Whether you’re strong and vibrant, whether you have things to work on, no matter what, you can embody your fullest vibrational potential.

This is what the Universal Sphere® can do for you each and every time that you offer it to yourself, to your loved ones, to your situations, no matter what it is, you’re allowing it to live in the fullest vibrational possibility and expression.

I am with you now and always my name is Ishtara.

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Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood

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