High Council of Orion – The Continuity of Everything

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from the The High Council of Orion.

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The High Council of Orion

July 15th, 2021
Channeled by: Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by: Andrea Pelletier

Greetings, Dear Ones, We are the High Council of Orion.

Today, the topic, if you will, is going to be continuity, but perhaps in a way that is unexpected.  Continuity in this way is to look at the continuity of everything. The continuity of the energetic everything is one of the easiest ways to say it. But the continuity of the flow of energy, not just within you – to the world around you, as you perceive it in 3D, but also to the universe, to the field of All That Is, to the collective consciousness, to the multiverse.

And this is a hard thing for the human mind to understand. But the energy bodies, the energy of you, the frequency of you, knows this to be true. So it’s time to set the mind aside for a little while and not always try to seek understanding through the level of the mind, but to actually begin to seek understanding through the level of the continuity of the energy field that you’re in. So if you believe that everything is energy and you believe that the ultimate energetic pattern that you’re all involved within is Source Energy, it means Source Energy is always right where you are.

It’s flowing through you. It’s flowing through the chair you’re sitting in. How ever you’re listening to this transmission.  Your computer, your clothes, your plants, your loved ones, the people you work with, the things you love and the things you hate. It’s all in the same continuous, energetic field. As you begin to notice or feel or even more simply, just allow your awareness to open up to the continuity within the energetic field, that you perceive separation in 3D, but you’re striving for a higher dimensional experience.

You do it not by noticing separation, but by noticing continuity, feeling continuity, assuming continuity. So how do you do this? To have it impact you in a meaningful way is to literally just open up to the idea that there’s a continuity between me and everything around me. I’m perceiving it as a separation. I’m perceiving it that my desk is a different vibrational frequency than my body and my dog is a different vibrational frequency than the tree outside. So your perception is separation, but you are already in a continuous, energetic field that contains all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, connection within you, within this continuous field that you can call the universe.

You can call Source, you could call God, you could call creator, you could call it All That Is.  It is already here within you. There is nothing you need to strive for to achieve it. It’s more opening up your awareness to allow for it. So if as you move through your day, you open up to the idea, the energy, the possibility that you already are in this continuous energy field, in complete connection to all that you strive for and all that you desire, you’ll begin to see how connected you really are.

And how do you see this? You might see it through more synchronicities. You might have that phone call that comes in right when you’re thinking about somebody and you’re going to wonder, did my thought bring that person to call me? Or was that person calling me and therefore I thought of them before my phone rang? And the truth is, that’s a chicken and the egg conversation and it really doesn’t matter. But what those are, is a celebration of the continuity of the energy.

And that’s how you can refer to it or think about it, with your intuitive hits, your downloads, your sense of connection to your guides. It’s all in the same field. Your guides are not out there in some other location. When you see and feel the continuity of All That Is you recognize that there is no time and space, for it is all in this field of oneness and unity. And as you begin to notice and play with it and open to the idea of it without your mind interfering, then you will begin to notice how you relate to the world and the world relates to you on that profound, energetic level.

And as you begin to really not just have a thought and an understanding and a hope about this great field of All That Is, this great universe that you’re intrinsically part of, you’ll be able to experience it and realize it’s right here, right now. In this moment that you find yourself in.   And in this moment that you find yourself  and you recognize that you’re connected to this field, and you know in your mind that this field is love, this field is compassion, this field contains all that I’m seeking.

And when you notice the continuity, the energetic continuity flowing in and out and around and through, and of which you are intrinsically part of, then you can recognize that all that you’re striving for is within you.  And easily accessible when you feel it as a flow within a continuous connection to this field of All That Is.  So for those of you who are aligned with this and it feels interesting and fun and exciting, play with this.  Play with this and and try to be consistent in your play with it because you’ve been in this dimension many times.

So you have acclimated yourself on some level that, oh, when I’m in this dimension, when I come into this physical form, there’s a forgetting there’s an apparent disconnection from the continuity. When you’re outside, when you transition outside of the physical realm, the continuity is restored. The awareness, the living and the continuous field is restored.

So when you are practicing and when you’re playing with it, what you’re doing is transforming the pattern of it, what it means to come into the 3D, come into a human experience and not just move into that habituated pattern, but begin to expand the pattern out to include the continuous connection to the field, of which within this field is all that you desire.

And as you feel yourself more connected to it, it all becomes more accessible. You feel less separation, less limitation, fewer blocks, and you can feel it flowing through your physical body, enlivening you, warming your heart, allowing you to release and feel the fullness that you desire.

Be Blessed, we are the High Council of Orion.

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